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Private Sector Engagement Initiatives

Ten IT companies committed to expanding their products and services throughout Moldova and help them grow

In 2020 the IT sector has proven to be game-changing for many other sectors such as education, agriculture, financial services, health, e-commerce, etc. Tekwill has engaged with the private sector to support creation of various solutions with social impact, but also opportunities to embrace digitalization and train IT specialists. 

Selected under an open call, ten IT companies committed to expanding their products and services throughout Moldova and help them grow by offering options such as a career in ICT via educational services, providing industrial IoT solutions, developing new e-commerce services to decrease the cash in the economy, bringing the diaspora closer to Moldova, supporting women gaining entrepreneurship and digital skills.

10 IT companies – “Datalinie Business Inginerie”, “Deeplace”, “Fagura Marketplace”, “ISIGHT Partners”, “Kvazar-Micro”, „Orange Moldova”, “Paynet Services”, “QSystems”, „Retele Terestre”, “Simpals Dev” – that contributed to increase the capacity through activities with high value impact, able to bring sustainability results nationwide. 

Financial support up to 50% of the total cost of each project and cost-shared over 50% private resources helped turning traditional services into digital or online ones, thus providing benefits towards 30,000 end users. New solutions achieved mainly through direct and matching cash and knowledge support provided to companies for developing and implementing innovative initiatives, helped attracting more people to IT, raising industry profile, educating more IT professionals, initiatives and/or services aiming at connecting IT with non-IT sectors, for an increased transparency, further sector development, entrepreneurship support, community development initiatives run and driven by private sector and/or provide support for sustainable development based on digital innovation.

aims to implement an industrial monitoring tool ("KM-Service Monitoring") based on IoT technology, which allows remote reception of information about the status of the technological process and alerts, enabling the customer to make changes to the process remotely, meant to improving labor productivity and reducing production costs and losses
The company's initiative focuses on providing local universities in the regions with software simulators that would help students to practice decision-making skills by creating a business virtual environment similar to the real-world market. Currently, the initiative is on standby and is to be continued as soon as the pandemic restrictions are withdrawn.
focuses on a new education approach by developing an online platform that simplifies the operational process of online course management and turns course authors into facilitators, enabling educational institutions to add online courses for combined education. The tool could, also, serve private companies in efficiently training their own employees via online channels
Orange Moldova
focuses on social and professional integration of girls and women through digital equipment, educational content and learning assistance, by creating 3 digital Women Digital Centers in three different regions of Moldova, initiating about 500 women (aged 18 – 45) into information technologies and launching and promoting their own businesses


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