Tekwill Ambassadors Program | Community

Successfully supported over 60 development programs of tech and startup communities, designed to achieve performance in the field of ICT).

Tekwill Ambassadors/ Community Round Program brings development opportunities closer to all stakeholders and provides them with the support and resources needed to contribute to technological, innovative and entrepreneurial advancement. Within the Program have been supported initiatives and projects dedicated to the development of the Information Technologies field through entrepreneurial strengthening actions.

Launched in 2018, Tekwill Ambassador Program/ Community Round, successfully supported over 30 development programs of tech and startup communities, designed to achieve performance in the field of Information Technology and Communications (ICT), welcoming over 3000 participants to the supported initiatives.

Tekwill Ambassadors 2021

Tekwill Ambassadors Program implements a new edition, in the direction of Verticals, aimed to bring development opportunities closer, provide support and resources to those interested in the program and verticals. The selected ambassadors have the chance to contribute to the development of the vertical communities of FinTech, Agritech, HealthTech, EdTech, DeepTech, WineTech and others.

13 applications with potential and highest impact on the community development were considered to be developed together with Tekwill project in the coming months.

Tekwill Ambassadors 2020

Within the Tekwill Ambassadors 2020 program 25 partnerships have been established. Over half of them represent initiatives and programs Tekwill project has collaborated previously, which recommended themselves as trustworthy, others exploring new niches through cross-sectorial initiatives, targeting an innovative approach implemented in the Agricultural sector, etc.

Tekwill Ambassadors 2019

In 2019, Tekwill Center of ICT Excellence launched the 2nd edition of Tekwill Ambassadors Program, Community round, aimed to support initiatives and projects oriented toward the development of Moldovan ICT ecosystem via educational and entrepreneurial actions. At the same time, through these partnerships Tekwill ensures growth opportunities for individuals, Civil Society Organizations, IT-related companies and initiative groups, alumni, and student associations, providing them with support and resources needed to achieve better performance.