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developed by Fagura is a technical platform and an automated scoring system, offering financial institutions a Scoring which evaluates the creditworthiness of startups and SMEs.
A lot of SMEs need financing for their projects but more of the loan requests are rejected by the banks. Fagura has the solution – a scoring system that takes into consideration not only the financial data of companies, but also founders profile: assets, income, credit history, business experience, demographics. This way it finds out what is the capacity and risk of default. And it is safe.

The platform Scoring4Business is a good solution for newly founded companies to save time and money on their first steps of developing. The platform based on machine learning will estimate the risk degree of a loan got by a startup business even if this has no activity report or balance sheet and only has one day from the official registration.
Thus, in comparison with a traditional credit, Fagura provides a real-time information and analyzes, such as extracting Company & founders’ financial data from public registries: assets, official income, credit history, business experience, etc., to minimize credit risks and increase credit speed. The platform publishes statistics on how the project evolves.

Fagura has been recognized Brand of the YEAR 2020 in FinTech.

When crowdfunding is the fuel for financial inclusion for a business, TEKWILL project is like the heart which constantly pushes grant support – the oxygen-rich blood – to  Private Sector actors developing innovative solutions with a large social impact.

TEKWILL continued working on involving new strategic partners via Private Sector Engagement Initiatives, launched in December 2019. Main goal of the Call was to support the private sector companies and engage with them in accelerated achievement of ICT development goals, mainly through direct and matching cash and knowledge support for developing and implementing innovative initiatives, aiming at attracting more people to IT, raising industry profile, educating more IT professionals, initiatives and/or services aiming at connecting IT with non-IT sectors.

Fagura is a revolution in the national financial system

It develops a P2P lending platform where people looking for loans at a lower interest rate than the financial market, meet with investors
interested in more consistent returns than bank deposits. This system is based on crowdfunding, the practice of funding a project by raising small amounts of money from many people via the Internet. In the long term, Fagura will be a digital bank. Its vision is to create exceptional services where customers can get, multiply and control their money at a click away and managing online their entire financial life.

The algorithm has been providing valuable data about individuals for more than 2 years. Today, the scoring has achieved the performance of making 97% correct predictions about potential defaults, becoming the most impactful startup in Moldova. 

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