Business Angels Moldova

A group of experienced business people and top managers investing in startups at their early stage of development.

Tekwill supports Business Angels Moldova in order to reach several milestones in creating a Business Angels ecosystem in Moldova:

  • Develop a community of angels & VC investors in Moldova;
  • Scout valuable startups looking for investments;
  • Mentor invested start-ups and offer them access to our network;
  • Develop investment skills for local active investor and those who want-to-be; investors via workshops/conferences;
  • Connect with investors from the region to join the investing deals and share their experiences;
  • Support each other in the due diligence process by sharing industry specific knowledge.

How to get funded

If you have just an idea or already a running business you can apply for funding. After you complete the application form, we will return with an answer during one working week, it can be positive with an invitation for a meeting/call or it can be negative with an explanation of our viewpoint.

Most of the angel groups and accelerators refuse to explain their decision, BAM does otherwise because they believe feedback is important to startup founders. In case the meeting went well and there is genuine interest, BAM will contact you again to schedule a pitch session in front of the group.

The First Moldovan Investors Academy

The first Moldovan Investors Academy – an intensive four-day program, designed to provide potential investors with as much information as possible about the angel investing procedure, researching startups and founders, managing portfolios and exploring investment opportunities. The Investors Academy will bring together the most experienced business angels and venture capital professionals from around the world to teach Moldovan investors how to find, evaluate and manage an investment portfolio.

Investors from the entrepreneurial field who plan to invest in companies in the next 12 months are invited to:

  • learn how to invest in startups,
  • evaluate transactions,
  • evaluate company presentations,
  • learn how to evaluate startup founders and what to ask them,
  • learn how to discover the best deals.