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About us

TEKWILL is the place to be where people connect with ideas, resources, science and industry to enhance excellence in IT

Driver for the Tech Economy

TEKWILL is where people, community, ideas, resources, science, and industry meet to identify, facilitate, and enhance excellence in information technology. Driving the Moldovan ecosystem, as a leading connecter and networking facilitator, organizing and supporting local and regional tech-related events (deploy relevant ICT educational content and entrepreneurship activities in the regions Chișinău, Bălți, Cahul, Comrat)

Setting up and consolidate ICTEC as an institution

Being considered as one of the biggest public private partnerships, the key success of the project is to ensure the proper involvement of all stakeholders into the process:

TEKWILL  has been designed as a national public private partnership between the Government of Moldova, USAID, Microsoft, and IBM to answer the needs of the ICT industry to close the gap of the human capital shortage, as well as support the development of the entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Develop Capacity of ICT related workfoce

TEKWILL brings prestige and influences to the tech sector, the host university (UTM), and to Moldova by directly contributing to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition, Tekwill aims to improve the skills needed within the IT sector, thereby creating high quality and well-paid jobs, and deterring the emigration of talented young people. By enabling the tech sector to continue to grow, Tekwill encourages local startups and existing companies to expand and attract international IT companies to invest in Moldova.

Brings prestige and influences the tech sector and Moldova

TEKWILL project has significantly contributed to building Chisinau’s reputation as an IT-oriented focal point. In 2020, Chisinau was named the City of the Year in Southeast Europe for supporting the IT sector. Our capital won a award, ahead of cities such as Tbilisi and Sofia, at one of the most important events in field such like `CEE Business Services Summit and Awards` held in 2020`, Warsaw, Poland.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

TEKWILL encourages local startups and existing companies to expand and attract international IT companies to invest in Moldova, thus contributing to sector growth.

TEKWILL is built on the belief that to be competitive economically in the years to come, Moldovan startups and innovators must begin adopting and creating industry-disrupting technology today.

Therefore, this message was coded into our name; “Tek” – for technology and “will” – for our future. The organization regularly gathers local and international tech leaders to empower the development of Moldova’s startup ecosystem by facilitating results-oriented innovation and collaboration.

TEKWILL is created with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden through Sida/Swedish International Development Agency in the framework of the project “Development of Moldova ICT Excellence Center” implemented by Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) in partnership with Technical University of Moldova.


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