Startup City Cahul

Cahul becomes the first regional “STARTUP CITY” in the south of the Republic of Moldova.

According to a grant agreement signed between the Association of Information and Communication Technology Companies of Moldova (ATIC) and Sweden on September 15 several investments will be made in the region to strengthen the potential of the digital economy. This will increase local employment in the field of ICT, develop businesses based on innovations, and increase the competitiveness and attractiveness of the region.

EU4Moldova: StartUp City Cahul”- contributing to regional development through innovation.

From now and until 2024 several investments will be implemented that will contribute to the development of the Cahul region. Over the next four years, innovation partnerships between the private sector, the public sector, and educational institutions will be encouraged; technology will be promoted as a solution to community problems and the study of STEM disciplines so that IT becomes more attractive for everyone regardless of age or gender; and the capacities of innovative startups in various sectors and investment readiness will be created and strengthened.

Visit Startup City Cahul’s Official Website.


The EU4Innovation Center – a regional center of excellence in IT, is to be created in Cahul. With an area of 1500 m2, the center will develop several local services and about 137 programs and activities, in order to encourage the use of technology.

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