PAYNET SRL project
Moldova Diaspora Payments

Paynet wallet is aimed to provide the possibility for the Moldovan diaspora to pay their bills from the country they are located.
The application will allow the customer to receive and pay the bills online in his personal
cabinet on mobile or web platforms.

Paynet is a FinTech company founded in 2013 with the desire to bring innovations in the field of electronic payments on the Moldovan market, taking into account that this field has registered a rapid development and growth globally in recent years. The company is
continuously developing its product portfolio, and at the moment, it offers solutions for both the business environment and individuals.

For companies, Paynet has developed a payment processing service, which integrates online payments for eCommerce. The newest solutions offered are as following: electronic Invoice, payments by QR, generation and processing of electronic tickets, cash Invoice.

Online payments are convenient because they allow you to make transactions anywhere,
anytime. The biggest advantage for customers is convenience, and as a merchant, it is important to respond to this preference. A payment gateway allows a merchant to overcome geographical limitations and increase their revenue.

Within Private Sector Engagement Initiatives, TEKWILL project is supporting innovative
solutions with social impact offering opportunities to embrace digitalization. The electronic payment system is becoming more and more popular, due to the development of information technologies and the popularity of online shopping. Currently, the Paynet portfolio has over 300 client companies, being leaders in the market of non-banking companies in this segment.

Anyone can register with the telephone number of the country in which is located, loading funds into the digital wallet with any bank card and make payments.



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