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Women Digital Center is a digital and entrepreneurial education initiative for women ranging 18-45 years old from the Republic of Moldova, who want to start or/and develop their own small business. Currently, the program takes place in two regions, Balti and Comrat, targeting 350 women willing to benefit from the project at this edition.

Along the two project’s editions, the participants benefited from training offered, in offline and online format, on 4 thematic modules: digital literacy, entrepreneurship, online business promotion, useful applications and website creation.

WDC is nationwide implemented by the Educational Advising Center. WDC will continue to extend due to the support offered by Orange Foundation and ATIC Moldova in frame of the TEKWILL project which is financially supported by USAID and Sweden.

The initiative stimulates and mobilize women to strengthen their sense of self-respect and to take upon themselves an important role in their community or professional lives.

Tekwill project is encouraging women to practice entrepreneurship 

Tekwill project, supported by USAID and Sweden, is providing equal development opportunities and encourages women through special initiatives to practice entrepreneurship – one of the driving forces of innovation in the society. Over 43% of the participants in its programs are women. Backed by a partnership with the largest IT Telecom in Moldova- Orange Moldova, two local NGOs benefited of a grant in the form of digital equipment, receiving each 15 laptops, financial support, and training to run a Women Digital Center (WDC). Today, the centers have developed their capacity and are ready to welcome girls and women (age 18-45) willing to upgrade their digital and entrepreneurial skills on such topics as digital literacy or entrepreneurship aiming to increase the abilities of women who want to enter or stay in the labor market in the country, including, to start a business.

Currently, the program takes place in two regions, Balti and Comrat, where 6 NGO’s facilitators train 350 women in information technologies. Furthermore, 30 women from Moldova, graduates of Women Digital Center, are in process to receive grants from Orange Moldova worth 20,000 MDL (over 1100 USD) each. The partnership is part of the “Private Sector Engagement Initiatives” focused on regional development by supporting private companies support the development of human capital in the regions of Moldova. 

As a result, 30 participants – graduates of the Women’s Digital Center program – will benefit from grants worth 20.000 lei each.

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