Q systems software development company

has been created to respond to the needs of local banks. USAID helped them pursue IT Mark certification

 – a program introduced by the European Software Institute that covers software process improvement, business processes, and information security.

In 2008  QSystems became one of the first software development firms approved for IT Mark certification. IT Mark certification has given QSystems

increased confidence to compete in new markets. Now it is an independent software vendor for financial sector, which are consumed by the leaders of Moldovan banking, large number of CSI and Eastern Europe banks, Central Banks, Postal and Government organizations.

GreenBill –Paperless Bill`s payment

It is about how to process invoices without paper and make payments easier using an automated solution that saves time, space and money.

Every month payers like apartment owners receive 5-6 papers to pay regular utility bills. About 70% of the population go to the bank to pay them. Some people pay for services via the Internet. But they still get a paper invoice. 

GreenBill intends to eliminate the paper from circulation to become more eco-friendly, but also using a smart solution, with one click to save the time and money of the population. Today’s technology has made the process quick and non-disruptive.

Their solution is to update existing rules and technologies for paying regular bills in order to make all the process electronic, paperless, convenient and profitable for all participants: service providers, payment operators and, most importantly – payers. The software offers a way to make payments without the cost and time associated with printing, stuffing, and mailing paper checks. Any service provider can register on the platform to bill users directly.

eGov Agency expressed their intent to operate this system. Also, they will ensure proper registration in the National Center for Personal Data Protection.


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