Development of software business simulators

One of 10 initiatives developed under the umbrella of „Private Sector Engagement Initiatives”
implemented by TEKWILL project and supported by USAID and Sweden. SC Datalinie Business Inginerie is a consulting company dealing in research and analytics on IT and telecom markets. Since 2008 this company serves EU consulting organizations providing to clients the market insight and intelligence in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Romania.

Development of software business simulators

Business Simulators Software is created to promote its wide use in the learning process at the universities in Moldova and by corporate training providers.

Simulators as a smart business learning method help students to practice decision making skills creating virtual environment similar to the real-world market environment. Learners develop a deeper understanding of a subject when they are having fun. Students manage virtual companies through scenarios, giving them a risk-free arena to apply their skills. This gives them a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge in a much more complex case than what they’re able to do in most other cases.

Business simulation games are one of the most powerful teaching methods available for business subjects in present.

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