Kvazar-Micro SRL Project,
Development of Industrial IoT Monitoring System

An IT company with many years of experience. Sales maintenance and administration of server solutions System Integration. Cloud data backup services (BaaS). Hosting services.

The company Kvazar-Micro SRL, has been operating in the Moldavian market since 1994. Today, Kvazar-Micro has accumulated 25 years of experience in the information technology solutions segment.

Development of Industrial IoT monitoring system

The goal of this Project is to create a monitoring tool that allows the potential clients around the clock and remotely to receive operational information about the status of the technological process and alerts about accidents. Based on the received information, the customer can remotely make changes to the process. This will improve labor productivity and reduce costs and production losses.

TEKWILL supporting the digitalization of traditional sectors of the economy. Digital transformation accelerates business competitiveness improving their processes and presence on the market. In this sense, TEKWILL continues to contribute towards the development of innovations and digitalization of different industries of the national economy of Moldova, by offering grant support for private initiatives oriented towards the human capital and entrepreneurship stimulation in the regions of Moldova outside the capital. One such initiative represents a pilot project called “Development of Industrial IoT monitoring system” that helped Avicola Floreni – a poultry farm to reduce the daily maintenance by 5%. The system embedded with sensors minimizes the impact of the human factor on the process and negative factors affecting the weight characteristics of poultry stock, reduce downtime and power consumption, improve the quality of the products, and increase the profit and competitiveness of enterprises on a local and global scale.

Following this pilot, the IT company who developed the system is looking to replicate the product and provide support to other 10 similar companies in the North Region of Moldova. This project is one of the 10 initiatives developed under the umbrella of” Private Sector Engagement Initiative supported by USAID and Sweden.

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