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May 5, 2020

One of the coolest regional digital events, Rockit Conference: Solutions for the new reality, kicks off on 8-9 of May bringing over 40 stellar speakers online. Globally acclaimed experts and digital enthusiasts meet online to find solutions for the “new normal”.The conference is open to all knowledge, inspiration and solutions seeking minds.


Three major categories during this period will be discussed at the conference to bring solutions to the present time challenges. Outstanding professionals from over 10 countries will perform in each section. Below you can find the list of Rockit Conference sections and topics presented in one of the conference languages: English, Romanian or Russian.


Category Solutions for entrepreneurs, startups and businesses:


  1. Dragoș Stanca (Upgrade 100) – The Disruption of Truth: Why The Digital Marketing Ecosystem Needs a Reboot
  2. Yurii Hladkyi (Grape) – POST-QUANTINE RPG. How can a business become a hero after a crisis and what marketing strategies to choose
  3. Diana Stafie (Future Station) – Unleashing Human Prospectus – a journey to the future by using Foresight methods such as Trends Scanning and Scenario Planning
  4. Vasile Tofan (Horizon Capital) – Turning crisis into an opportunity
  5. Daniela Bechet (Ziarul de Gardă) – Funding social enterprises from grants
  6. Lisa Guțu (Salt Edge) – From 1 country to 50 in 5 years. How to drive your business globally in b2b sector?
  7. Alexander Gutu (Centru de Diagnostic German) – How to dive into an unknown business and build a market leader
  8. Pavel Ciorici (WPZOOM) – Passion is not enough. No one canceled hard work
  9. Elena Oprea (Startup Studio) – The new Low Touch Economy – startup opportunities after COVID-19
  10. Vladimir Resneanski (Makani Design) – This is the end of the office as we know it. How Coronavirus will change the way we work
  11. Alina Hanas (SEOLITTE) – Get involved. Erase Covid-19 from your business
  12. Mihai Avram (Enable) – Using data in urban development
  13. Vladimir Grossu (Doubles.Studio) – How to become an exemplary client for a creative agency in times of crisis
  14. Sramana Mitra (One Million by One Million) – Bootstrapping: Weapon of Mass Reconstruction
  15. Dmitrii Voloshin (Simpals) – Crisis-Resistant Business


Categoria Solutions for creative industry and content development:


  1. Akilnathan Logeswaran (Power Admins DACH, FACEBOOK) – The Power of Community
  2. Kristina Vazovsky (Podcast Studio) – Why are some podcasts listened to, but not yours?
  3. Nika Vodwood (NixelPixel) – Life after burnout: how I engage in activism and eat well
  4. Mariana Dahan (World Identity Network) – Shadows in the dark. The power of impact storytelling
  5. Veronica Laputska (Digital Communication Network) – How DCN is changing digital space
  6. Eto Buziashvili (Atlantic Council) – Combating the COVID-19 Infodemic
  7. Narek Margary (ArmComedyTV) – Satire and Political Realities: Cause or Consequence?
  8. Victoria Colesnic și Natalia Sergheev (Sunt Bine Podcast) – Rediscovering human stories in times of isolation
  9. Vicu Turcanu ( Youtuber) – How to YouTube the right way
  10. Valerie Lungu ( Blogger) – Why TikTok is taking over the new generation?
  11. Lidia Scarlat ( Stimulated-Inc) – Selling underdog creative services on global markets
  12. Kamile Kaselyte (Marketing și strategie) – How fashion industry communicates in COVID-19 crisis: Best & worst practises
  13. Eleni Kolliga (Growthtale) – The Post-COVID Consumer Behavior & What It Means For Businesses & Marketers
  14. Cristina Postică (Braziliero Animation) – International expansion: Fails, Pitfalls and Key Learnings


Category Solutions for education, health and smart living:


  1. Ken Markel (ExO Execute) – SciFi Hive – helps organizations tap into the power of their inner child’s imagination to come up with truly new and innovative ideas
  2. Veronica Crețu (Innovating Governance Association Austria) – Why we need Super Resilient Governments
  3. Radu Puchiu (H.appyCities) – Why we need Super Citizens
  4. Simon Nopp (Inndisus) – Redesigning Organizations – staying competitive in a post-crisis world
  5. David Timiș (College of Europe, Brussels Shapers) – Is Universal Basic Income a Solution for Job Automation?
  6. Victor Guzun (Guzun Consulting) – The need for more bottom-up approach and feeling of ownership in society
  7. Albert Poghosyan (360 STORIES) – Awesome Foundation. Build something that people need
  8. Zain Velji (Northweather) – Never letting a crisis go to waste: How governments can kickstart exponential change post-COVID
  9. Pierre-Alexandre Ponant (The Venus Project; Movement for a Resource Based Economy) – Why we need Resource Based Economy. Introducing The Venus Project
  10. Sergiu Nagailic ( – Making Healthcare Accessible to everyone
  11. Lucia Gariuc (Medic ORL/ENT) – Why we need to trust our health
  12. Victoria Popic ( Fellow Broad Institute of MIT and HARVARD) – Artificial Intelligence vs Covid-19
  13. Matthew Johnson (Taskable) – Staying productive while staying sane

Best in Social Media, Best in Design, Best in Marketing, Best in Development, Best in Photography, Best in Video Production, Best in Animation, Best in Copywriting, Best Creator (Influencer);


Protecting the health and safety of our attendees and the local communities is our most important priority. Taking into consideration the current COVID-19 updates, we have made the decision to go exclusively digital and take the Rockit experience online.

Rockit Conference makes the impossible possible by uniting and creating regional partnerships through events and online activities. As long as there are people who support these causes and want to improve their community, also they want to encourage this event, they are welcome and appreciated for becoming a Rockit Academy patron on Patreon (

Rockit Conference is organized by Rockit Academy and Digital Communication Network with the support of Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs of the U.S. Department of State with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden in the framework of the project “Development of Moldova ICT Excellence Center” Tekwill, implemented by Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC). Program partners: VoteMe.App, Brazilero, Influencers Hub, Moldova IT Park, Unicef Moldova, Line Production, Racketa Production, Granat;

Rockit Conference makes the impossible possible uniting and creating regional partnerships through events and online activities. As long as there are people who support the causes and want to improve the community, also encourage this event, and welcome and appreciate those who become a Rockit Academy patron on Patreon.
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May 5, 2020


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