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The third edition of the National IT Training Program for Women was launched to support gender equality and professional development of women in the IT sector in the Republic of Moldova. This year, about 200 participants are expected to attend the program with the aspiration to a successful career in information technology, a field that is innovative and on the rise. The program is implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) with the financial support of Sweden and UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment) under the “Empowering Women in Technology” Project.

The participants of the third edition will be able to opt for one of three focuses of study: Front-End Development, Software Testing, or Digital Skills. They will have access to the entire library as soon as they register on the Codifun platform, which will allow them to organize their day and set their learning time individually. In fact, the study program was designed based on the Microlearning method which involves 15 minutes of maximum concentration on the material studied and the frequent use of the concept of Edutainment which allows testing knowledge through play.

Dominika Stojanoska, UN Women Moldova Country Representative: “The IT field has become more accessible to anyone interested in gaining new skills, regardless of gender. We advocate for gender equality and women’s empowerment, for the recognition of their value and talent, for their contributions to building an inclusive, competitive, and dynamic digital society. The major interest in the program registered in previous editions, reconfirms the fact that women want to explore IT more and gain skills in this field. The courses will help girls and women to find themselves more easily in the field of work and to progress in their professional life, in competitive sectors of the national economy.”

The program is open to girls and women across the country, especially to representatives of rural localities, different ethnic groups and/or other vulnerable groups. The courses will take place online and can be accessed free of charge.

Ana Chirița, ATIC strategic projects director: “The IT sector is a dynamic and captivating one, as evidenced by the over 2000 candidates who have submitted their files for participation in the program in the last two years. We are very pleased with the success of the participants and demonstrate the major impact of the program. For example, at the edition two years ago, 20 women managed to get a job in the field of information technology, even before graduating. We wish success to all participants this year!

The graduates of the previous editions of the program found their experience to be successful, noting that the IT field is an interesting one which can lead you to success if you put in the effort. Their success was due to their ability to study the lessons from any location at a convenient time to them based on their daily activities.

Cătălina Hasnaș, graduate of the Front-End Developer course: “Since I started the courses, I understood that IT suits me like a “glove”, especially since I had the opportunity to set my own learning program. After graduation, I continued to learn Java Script and discovered the React library, which I really like. In the future, I want to get a specific Front-End Developer job in React.”

Elena Țurcan, graduate of the Digital Skills course: “I was interested in knowing information about data security, given the fact that at work I interacted daily with confidential documents, contracts, negotiations. Now, I am trying to pass on the knowledge I have gained, for example to use the Slack or Trello platforms more often. All the knowledge gained has a practical utility. I want to create an Instagram page for the adoption of stray animals.”

At the end of the online courses, the practical workshops will follow, during which the participants will continue the training, being guided by experienced mentors. Through the three-month intensive program, girls and women will be able to gain the knowledge and skills needed to work as a Front-End Developer, Software Tester, or using digital skills needed in the workplace.


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