Teamwork and Business Communications Webinar

Being a member of a team is not easy. There are soft skills you have to acquire, that you haven’t even heard about. Even if you are the #1 teammate in the world, you have to deal with people that aren’t. We are here to land you a hand and help you become the person everyone strives to have in their teams. Enrol in the webinar and get practical advice on how to communicate with, act and stand out in a team. You will get insights on Business Communications within the team from none other than Evgeny Frolov, Head Tracker at Startup Moldova. Evgeny has a rich background of working in and with international teams and if there is the right person to unveil communications secrets, it is Evgeny. The Webinar will take place on crowdcast, on July 30 at 17:00 to 18:00. Don’t forget to register here:

More information about this Webinar You can find here: Teamwork and Business Communications Webinar – Startup Moldova

[Webinar] Investors 101: Stages and Types of Investors

Știm că investitorii sunt cei care ne dau bani. Mai știm ceva despre ei?
După cum vei afla la webinar, investitorii nu sunt „one size fits all”. Există numeroase tipuri și etape, iar pe 17 iunie afli cum îți alegi investitorul care ți se potrivește ție.
Cine altcineva poate povesti mai bine despre investitori decât startup trackerul Evgeny Frolov? Evgeny are o experiență internațională de lucru cu startupurile și a reușit să ghideze zeci de inițiative. A ta poate fi următoarea