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Moldova ICT Summit”, The Impact Event of the IT Industry, Returns With A New Edition

Moldova ICT Summit, the major event of the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry in our country, returns after a 2-year break. The current edition will be dedicated to digital transformation – the process of reconfiguring, improving and consolidating business environment models and social systems (education, health, public services in general) by adopting and continuously adapting technological innovation, ICT solutions and tools. The topic is one of critical importance, especially in the context of the developments of the last two years and the challenges that have led to the reset of the way society, business and public institutions work.

The tenth edition, generically entitled “The Future of Digital” (Digital Future) will take place on September 23, 2021, inside the Tekwill Center, with the presence of a limited number of participants in the hall and will be broadcast online. The event is organized by the National Association of ICT Companies in partnership with the Moldova Invest Agency, GIZ Moldova, with the support of the “Tekwill” Project funded by the United States Agency for International Development and Sweden and with the support of the European Union and private partners.

The organizers aim to identify directions and strategies for the digital transformation of several critical areas for the Republic of Moldova, by applying the latest global trends, stimulating digital innovation and attracting investment. In addition, another objective of the event is to serve as a catalyst for increasing the competitive advantage of our country for the next 5-7 years.

“Moldova ICT Summit 2021: The Future of Digital” will bring together technology leaders, government officials, media influencers, ICT companies, high-ranking experts, donors and representatives of diplomatic missions in the Republic of Moldova. The sessions and discussions of the event will focus on: the impact of technologies in building better experiences for society as a whole, the role of the ICT sector in the digital transformation of the country, and the future of the digital domain for Government, business and academic environment.

The agenda of the event will include sessions dedicated to the development strategy in the field of digitalization, interventions to increase the competitiveness of the ICT sector (including the presentation of the White Paper of the sector), revealing global trends and aspirations of local actors in digital transformation. Topics related to the strategic development of different sectors through ICT will also be addressed, tools and applications that can increase the efficiency of government institutions in providing public services will be presented and opportunities to develop corporate business through innovation and ICT will be reflected.

“Moldova ICT Summit: The Future of Digital” will highlight how the Government and the private sector can join forces for digital transformation to play a key role in restoring the economy, developing digital culture and stimulating positive change. The event will provide an effective platform for dialogue for actors involved in the digital transformation process, present existing partnerships and encourage new ones, so that technology provides solutions to the most complex national problems.

The event can be watched online, starting with 09:00, on the Moldova ICT Summit, ATIC and Tekwill pages in the Facebook social network and on the live broadcast site


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