HealthTech Hackathon: 10 Teams Have Developed Digital Solutions For The Medical Field

3 teams interested in developing medicine through technology will continue to transform and improve their digital solutions in the HealthTech Acceleration stage! The ideas were selected during the HealthTech Hackathon, which brought together future doctors, students, biologists, entrepreneurs, startups, medicine and technology enthusiasts, but also all those interested in innovation and science. For 3 days, 10 teams exchanged experience, participated in mentoring sessions and increased their skills to develop solutions aimed at improving medical services. HealthTech Hackathon is part of the “HealthTech Vertical 2021” – a program dedicated to tech startups that develop solutions for the medical field and is organized by Startup Moldova in collaboration with the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”, with the support of USAID and Sweden within the Tekwill project, other partners FreshBlood and SanoPass.

In the acceleration stage, the 3 winning teams will validate their products, using all the necessary means, support and expertise of specialists, both in the IT and medical field, to improve their technological products and to move on to the next stage – the piloting. At the end of the acceleration program, the participants will have the opportunity to test their solutions in practice.

"I have long been waiting for the chance to participate in a Hackathon that combines both my professional directions - medicine and IT. Here I had the chance to state my ideas and receive invaluable advice on market implementation and analysis. I hope the accelerator will bring me even more knowledge and experience”. Dascal Mihai, CoRLab Tech, 1st place winners.
"We are very lucky to have been invited to this event which gave us access and the opportunity to talk to valuable people and collect useful data for the validation and adoption of our project to the current needs of the market. Thank you so much for the organizers, mentors and trackers for their support and effort!! I also consider that this type of event gives a very important impetus for the future successful projects of Moldova.” Sergiu Motreac, MyID "I participated in the Hackathon for the first time; I was very satisfied and pleasantly surprised. I managed to be part of a very creative team, together we reached the top three finalists. I am very grateful to our tracker and mentors for invaluable advice, support and experience”. Margareta Iachimenco, Keep my child safe

The 10 solutions presented at HealthTech Hackathon:

  • 1st place: „Corlab-Tech” – a software that collects and analyses data provided by customers for early detection and monitoring of Parkinson’s disease – a chronic degenerative disease;
  • 2nd place: „Keep my child safe” – a solution that aims to help parents with children under the age of 5 to monitor and supervise the temperature of the little ones, the rhythm and the respiratory rate;
  • 3rd place: „HeroDoc” – an application that aims to improve the relationship between patients and doctors, by removing distances;
  • „” – a platform aimed at continuing education for doctors and medical staff, includes a wide range of validated collaborators and a team of professionals from several medical institutions;
  • „MyID” – Digital Health Passport – a digital health passport solution that helps solve problems with verifiable test results, vaccine certificates, privacy controls and data sharing;
  • „Pharmec” – an application that connects pharmaceutical companies with patients;
  • „Fastboss digital assistant for healthcare” – an application that will help medical staff to complete routine acts in a matter of seconds;
  • „TeleMedPrevention” – an application that solves the problem of getting to the doctor quickly in the context of a pandemic;
  • „OMG! WELL BEING!” – a platform that will connect people with real experts in medicine;
  • „intoAction” – an application that aims to support people to be active, leaving the sedentary lifestyle.

Ana Chirita, TEKWILL Project Director: “We are at the stage where we must learn to combine digitalization with medicine in order to offer more possibilities on the one hand to doctors and on the other hand - to patients. Here I mean digital services, an individual approach, expertise, help and modern practices. The HealthTech Hackathon has brought together a community of people with ideas who are ready to adjust to be successfully implemented in the health field, and we are ready to provide all the tools and platforms needed to achieve these goals.”

Academician Stanislav Groppa, vice-rector for research at USMF: “It was an exceptional event, where the 10 teams presented themselves exclusively, with major involvement, offering important solutions with well-targeted strategies for digitizing the health system. We tried to offer them some advice and guidance through the involvement of mentors - specialists and valuable experts in medicine. Congratulations to the winning teams and at the same time we encourage everyone not to give up their ideas, because there are many funding opportunities”

Mary Nemciuc, Coordinator HealtTech Moldova: It is important for the Republic of Moldova to be aligned with global trends in the personalization of human needs in terms of improving the quality of life and digital connection with objects and surrounding organisms. Synergy between technology and medicine is inevitable, only so the provision of health services will be considerably improved.

The hackathon was attended by over 30 mentors, teachers, doctors, representatives from the private sector, startups and experts of international organizations in the field of healthtech.

Participants were also guided by trackers, who monitored their progress and provided the necessary connections. Among them were representatives from the ecosystem of Kazasthan and Moldova such as: Evgney Frolov, Aliona Rotaru, Dmitrii Albot, Gulzina Baltabaeva, Assel Seifulina, Ion Mocanu, Iulia Cozacenco.

HealthTech Hackathon Moldova 2021 is organized by Startup Moldova in collaboration with the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu”, with the support of USAID and Sweden within the Tekwill project, partners: FreshBlood and SanoPass.

These Startups Are Going to Make You Think Twice About Moldova

With most of the world’s investment capital focused in a few key places, markets such as Moldova often get overlooked. Situated between Romania and Ukraine, this small eastern European country with a little more than two million inhabitants, still has a young ecosystem full of potential.

The country’s geographical and political positions have made it a “virtual bridge” between the West and the East. Moldova has economic agreements with both the European Union (EU) and the Commonwealth of Independet States (CIS), allowing them certain leeways and benefits on both sides. The population is often multilingual which means that entrepreneurs from Moldova can serve many global markets and there is a strong diaspora in major hubs around the world. The combination of these factors makes up for an unique entrepreneurial system.

International organizations and investors have recognized the opportunities within the country and the local government is working on building an innovative ecosystem as well. Seedstars has been organizing local events within the Seedstars World Competition in the capital Chisinau since 2016. Every year startups from all around the country apply for a chance to pitch their solutions and win a ticket to the regional and global stage of the competition. Over the years, we had the chance to hear from the most promising entrepreneurs working to make Moldova a better place to live and work in and combat issues such as a rapid population decline and high unemployment rates. Here are some of the startups that were a part of the Competition and where they are now:

  1. Fentury Fentury was the first Moldovan winner of the Seedstars Chisinau local competition. It is a personal finance advisor app where users can manage all their accounts from a single place and receive proactive advice on areas that can be improved. Fentury supports over 2,500 banks and is used in 75 countries worldwide. Since the competition they have also pivoted towards a B2B product called SaltEdge which enables businesses to connect with end-customers’ bank accounts from across the globe and has been featured in The Fintech Power 50 Cohort Members and Influencers 2021.
  2. Retently Retently helps businesses increase their revenue by reducing churn and improving customer retention. They offer a variety of products for a better customer and product experience and have worked with over a thousand companies.
  3. Codifun Codifun provides online and offline solutions to educate youth code while gaming, using innovative learning methods to teach design, animation, developing, 3D printing and software testing. They have had over 9000 students so far.
  4. MedicalTourismReview This HealthTech startup is the biggest database of clinics and hospitals worldwide with over 5000 medical institutions from 109 countries in their database. MedicalTourismReview is helping patients find the most effective affordable and accessible treatments in a variety of medical fields by offering information and reviews, and is a place to reach international customers for clinics and hospitals.
  5. Shelfalytics The team behind this startup provides solutions for real time data analytics from the shelves with their modules, sensors and cameras, directly to producers, retailers, and distributors.
  6. Babymoon The winner of the second edition of the local competition was Babymoon, a startup that developed a smart baby carrier which enables parents to communicate with their child’s doctor, prevent illness, and optimize their parenting.
  7. Gustos Life Gustos Life is a wine ecosystem platform offering a variety of IT solutions to wine marketers, such as a mobile marketplace, SaaS solution that implements blind tasting by experts, a system for online management of your wine collection, tech solutions for organizing wine tastings etc. They have recently been recognized as one of the top startups in the wine industry.
  8. FunEasyLearn FunEasyLearn is a free and offline language learning platform that helps any user learn a foreign language from their mother tongue. They offer courses in 34 languages taught in 62 mother tongues. Using science and game-based methods they adjust the learning experience to personal interests, knowledge level and learning abilities of every user. The app has been downloaded 60 million times and has about a million active users every month.
  9. Staf.Online The 2020 local winner from Moldova was Staf.Online, a global job board that connects employers and job seekers in a transparent and accessible way. They offer jobs across the EU and in seven different countries.
  10. Fastboss OU Fastboss is developing an AI Voice Assistant APP that helps users generate business documents even when out of office by using automation. Their solutions help the sales team focus more on customers and spend 35 % less sales time.
  11. Smartest This online platform helps students and educational institutions accurately evaluate their knowledge and potential gaps in several school subjects. The platform can also pinpoint specific learning needs of a student and track their learning progress.

The variety and success of previous contestants shows that even though Moldovan startup ecosystem might still be developing, the potential is there and the local government and foreign partners are seeing entrepreneurship as the way forward . The 2020/21 Moldova Local Competition was supported by SDC’s Optim project. Optim “Opportunities through Technologies and Innovation in Moldova’’ is a project of Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation SDC, implemented by Helvetas Swiss Intercooperation.
This event as well as other related to developing entrepreneurship with Startup Moldova are organized with the support of developing partners USAID MoldovaGovernment of Sweden and in the framework of Tekwill project.

Source Link: These Startups Are Going to Make You Think Twice About Moldova – Startup Moldova

TALENTS FOR MOLDOVA: Mobility and career advancement for ICT students and graduates between Slovakia and Moldova

ATIC is the leading self-organized association in the area of ICT that represents over 80 companies, with over 9000 employees in Moldova.

On 4th August 2021, ATIC Strategic Project Director, Ana Chirita and multiple projects coordinator Irina Oriol had a bilateral meeting with Ingrid Brockova, Slovak State Secretary of Foreign Affairs, based on cooperative relationships, aiming to foster knowledge exchange, and to build talent and create a partnership bridge between the two states.

The main objective of the meeting was the development of the ICT Human capital through knowledge exchange between Slovakia and Moldova ICT sector, and ultimately transferring highly sought-after knowledge and expertise to the Moldovan ICT sector.

As a result, the creation of one talent incubator “Talents for Moldova: Mobility and Career Advancement for ICT Students and Graduates between Slovakia and Moldova” had been initiated in frame of the meeting.

The program is to be established to support the UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei increase its capacity to grow talent and provide ready for employment personnel for the private sector, including women and girls in the ICT sector in Moldova.

Over 32 months, the project proposes to pursue a triple win: enabling Moldovan participants to strengthen their social capital and acquire new skills in a stimulating work environment.

The mentioned development assistance will be implemented with European Migration Agency from Slovakia, National Digital Coalition of Slovakia with the support of the Mobility Partnership Facility (EU).

Orange Moldova also supported the project.


EuroAsian Startup Awards in Moldova

Euro-Asian Startup Awards

Euro-Asian Startup Awards is a part of largest independent startup ecosystem competition in the world, Global Startup Awards family. EASA is an online startup competition that covers a region of over 350 million people.

The country partner from Moldova, Startup Moldova

Startup Moldova is a big ecosystem player, which aims to boost the economic growth in Moldova, increase the digitalization and create new jobs in the country.

Startup Moldova is an active player who organize events for startups, provide funding opportunities, offer support in different fields, including training programs, accelerators, etc and give access to international mentors and investors.

Connecting regions from around the Globe

Euro-Asian Startup Awards is a part of largest independent startup ecosystem competition in the world, Global Startup Awards family. EASA is an online startup competition that covers a region of over 350 million people.

Since 2012 EuroAsian Startup Awards connected regions from around the Globe:

Nordics 2012, Central Europe 2014, SouthEast Asia 2016, South Asia 2018, Southern Africa 2018, EuroAsian 2019 (Moldova participating), South Europe 2019, Northern Africa 2020, Western Africa 2020, Eastern Africa 2020.

With the digital age the technical development became exponential and those who master technology become masters of our world. With their vision and innovation, they will shape our future. EuroAsian Startup Awards has made it its mission to find that 1% of them.

Registrations for participation can be made in 10 categories

This year, Startup Moldova, within the international partnership with MeOut Group, will hold EuroAsian Startup Awards in our country.

Registrations for participation can be made in 10 categories: Big Data, The Master of Artificial Intelligence, Best FinTech Startup, Startup of the Year, Best Newcomer, Founder of the Year, VC of the Year, Best co-working space, Best accelerator / Incubator program, People’s choice. These 10 categories cover the activities of the entire startup ecosystem in the country.

One of the main nominations of 2021 year is STARTUP OF THE YEAR. Don’t miss the chance to reap the benefits of being a part of Euro-Asian Startup Awards and to represent Moldova!

You still have time to nominate or to be nominated. Register, prove that you have created the best startup of the year and take your internationally recognized nomination!

Use the following link➡️

Deadline – 31 of August

Check the brand video of Global Startup Awards

Watch more:

Ghidul tău în IT

Domeniul IT cunoaște o creștere exponențială în ultimii ani datorită dezvoltării de noi tehnologii ce fac deja parte a vieții noastre. Odată cu acest lucru a crescut și numărul oportunităților de angajare, dezvoltare, învățare și a fluxului de informații despre acest domeniu. Având la dispoziție o mulțime de surse de informare, deseori necentralizată, absolvenții de liceu nu ajung să cunoască toate aspectele necesare de a alege o carieră în IT. Astfel, Tekwill Academy a adunat la un loc toate informațiile de care ai nevoie pentru a face primul pas în acest domeniu.



 Schimb de date

Datele pot fi imagini, audio, video, text, iar schimbul datelor poate avea loc prin intermediul chat-urilor, apelurilor audio, apelurilor video, SMS, email, fax și multe altele


Utilizarea tehnologiilor

Calculatorul, laptopul și telefonul, transmit informația cu ajutorul undelor radio, cablurilor, firelor optice prin diverse aplicații ca de exemplu messenger sau youtube


Prezența utilizatorului

Utilizatorul tehnologiilor informaționale ești chiar tu, în momentul în care decizi să iai legătura cu membrii familiei sau prietenii prin mobil, calculator sau orice altă tehnologie


Da! Cererea de specialitși din acest domeniu este în creștere de la an la an.

În fiecare an, crește numărul angajaților în domeniul Tehnologiilor Informaționale și Comunicațiilor. Această creștere se explică prin faptul că tehnologiile IT sunt tot mai des utilizate în alte domenii, rezultând în cererea mare de specialiști, ingineri, dezvoltatori de software. Se estimează creșterea numărului angajaților în acest domeniu în următorii ani cu circa 67%. Vezi graficul din dreapta – Numărul dezvoltatorilor de software la nivel mondial (mil)



Companiile din domeniul IT pun accent pe confortul angajaților, investing în infrastructura oficiilor


Succesul unui proiect IT depinde de colaborarea eficientă a membrilor echipei, favorizând schimbul de experiență


Cariera IT implică dezvoltarea ta continuă, de aceea angajatorul investește în cursuri, conferințe, traininguri


Proiectele IT, fiind internaționale, oferă posibilitatea angajatului să călătorească în țările partenere


Angajații au parte de activități și abonamente sportive, studierea limbilor străine, îmbunătățirea abilităților soft


Remunerarea în domeniul IT este unul din cele mai atractive și motivante pe piața națională și internațională





Evenimente, programe educaționale destinate fetelor

Technovation Girls

Competiție internațională de aplicații mobile destinată fetelor


Comunitate pentru cei pasionați de inteligența artificială


Emisiune despre educație, direcții de carieră cu specific IT

Cariera Mea

Oferă servicii de orientarea și ghidarea în carieră pentru elevi

Mentor Me

Program de mentorat pentru tineri pe diverse domenii

Aleg Cariera IT

Proiect de informare și ghidare în carieră în domeniul IT

Tekwill Academy este o inițiativă educațională care furnizează cursuri și instruiri tehnice în mod regulat, pe teme specifice, predate de traineri și profesioniști din domeniul TIC din Moldova și de peste hotare.

Tekwill Academy a fost creată și funcționează în cadrul proiectului ”Dezvoltarea Centrului de Excelență în domeniul TIC din Moldova” , implementat de Asociația Națională a Companiilor din Domeniul TIC cu suportul Agenției Statelor Unite pentru Dezvoltare Internațională (USAID) și Guvernului Suediei.


Новые IT-курсы в Комрате

Tekwill Academy запускает новые программы обучения в Комратском районе, предназначенные для развития навыков ИКТ. Новые курсы являются ответом на потребность квалифицированных кадров на местном уровне и предназначены для обучения людей, заинтересованных в карьере в области ИТ.

Усилиями Tekwill Academy, участники курсов, получат качественное обучение и профессиональные навыки от специалистов лучших компаний ИТ на Молдавском рынке.

Отличительные особенности Tekwill Academy:

  • Преподаватели – специалисты, работающие в местных ИТ-компаниях, которые поделятся своим опытом работы на реальных проектах.
  • Партнерские отношения с международными организациями по предоставлению и использованию материалов CISCO.
  • Длительный доступ к материалам курса для подготовки к сертификации от CISCO

Программирование для начинающих – C# Express

C# Express – это 27-часовой курс, который проводится в течение 6-ти недель в форме онлайн-лекций и предназначен для всех начинающих, которые хотят изучить основы этого языка программирования и укрепить образ мышления, характерный для программиста.

Знания и навыки, полученные в ходе этого курса, помогут участникам в будущем освоить и другие языки программирования, такие как Java или C ++, которые имеют аналогичный синтаксис. Упоминание о том, что C # – один из самых популярных языков программирования в мире. View course

IT Essentials – Основы Информационных Технологий

Курс IT Essentials охватывает базовые компьютерные и профессиональные навыки, необходимые для должностей начального уровня в сфере ИТ. Цель курса познакомить учащихся с аппаратным и программным обеспечением компьютера, а также с операционными системами, принципами работы с сетью и безопасностью, мобильными устройствами и устранением неисправностей. По окончании учебы, участники должны обладать необходимыми навыками сетевого инженера.  View course

Cyber Security Essentials – Интернет безопасность и цифровая грамотность

В рамках курса по основам кибербезопасности, участники научатся выявлять уязвимости, предотвращать угрозы и обеспечивать безопасность IT-систем; освоят востребованную профессию с нулевым опытом в программировании. Так же, участники освоят архитектуру современных сайтов, какие существуют проблемы безопасности и как их решать. Программа курса охватывает широкий спектр тем которые полезны как начинающим, так и опытным специалистам.  View course

Мы в вашем распоряжении для получения более подробной информации об учебных программах Tekwill Academy по телефону +37379975242 или по электронной почте


Tekwill Academy – это образовательная инициатива, которая проводит курсы и технические тренинги с тренерами и профессионалами в области ИКТ в Молдове и за рубежом.
Tekwill Academy была создана и работает в рамках проекта “развитие Центра передового опыта в области ИКТ в Молдове”, внедряемого Национальной Ассоциацией компаний в области ИКТ при поддержке Агентства США по международному развитию (USAID) и правительства Швеции.

Campionatul de Squash la categoria M2

Tekwill organizează diverse activități pentru rezidenții săi, cu scopul de a promova un stil de viata sanatos și a încuraja practicarea sportului.

În acest week-end, 5 și 6 iunie, s-a desfășurat al doilea turneu de squash la categoria M2.

În urma turneului, a fost stabilit următorul clasament:

Locul 1 Ceaus Artur – Bălți 

Locul 2 Esanu Roman -Sport park 

Locul 3 Durlestean Alexandru – Club Kangaroo 

Locul 4 Cecan Andrei – Tekwill

Locul 5 Rudenco Nicolae-  Sport park

Locul 6 Juravlev Alexandr – Sport park

Locul 7 Spinu Victor – Tekwill

Locul 8 Tofan Alexandr – Tekwill

Locul 9 Lipov Alexandr- Tekwill

Mulțumim mult  partenerilor și organizatorilor pentru crearea acestui turneu.

 Felicitari si castigatorilor noștri cărora le dorim mult succes pe viitor.

Campionatul de squash

Incepand cu 2018, Tekwill promovează stilul activ de viață, prin desfășurarea diverselor activități de sport, precum este Squash.

SQUASH-ul a fost inventat la scoala Harrow jurul anului 1830, când elevii au descoperit că o minge perforata de Rackets, “zdrobita” la impactul cu peretele, produce un joc cu o varietate mai mare de lovituri și soluții ce necesita un efort mult mai consistent din partea jucătorilor.

Pe data de 29 mai 2021 a avut loc primul turneu deschis de squash găzduit de Tekwill la categoriile Lady și M2.

În urma jocului, s-au ocupat următoarele locuri:

Categoria Lady:

 Locul 1 Vlad Ginga Club Kangaroo

 Locul 2 Rose Polina Bălți

 Locul 3 Badan Natalia Club Kangaroo 

 Locul 4 Katya Furtuna Tekwill

 Locul 5 Bolokan Elena Tekwill

 Locul 6 Sheremetev Svetlana Club Kangaroo

 Distribuția locurilor în categoria M2:

 Locul 1 Parcul sportiv Neagu Veaceslav

 Locul 2 Movcean Oleg Club Kangaroo

 Locul 3 Volcov Igor Kangaroo Club

 Locul 4 Gavrilita Vadim Tekvil

 Locul 5 Parcul sportiv Costîlev Igor

 Locul 6 Lipov Alexandr Tekwill

 Locul 7 Ceban Victor Tekwill

 Locul 8 Parsin Dmimitrii Tekwill

 Locul 9 Acsentii Andrei Tekwill

 Locul 10 Bezverhnii Dmitrii Kangaroo Club

Suntem mandri de rezultatele prietenilor și rezidentilor nostri. Le urăm succes în continuare, precum și sperăm ca acest campionat îi va motiva de a atinge noi scopuri și înălțimi.

Dar asta nu e tot, pe data de 5 și 6 iunie vor avea loc următoarele turnee la squash, pentru categoriile M1 si Lady, la care înscrierile sunt încă deschise.

Mulțumim mult organizatorilor și oaspeților turneelor, vă așteptăm cu mult drag.

„Tekwill Junior Amdassadors” și-a desemnat câștigătorii! Iată care sunt echipele învingătoare

Competiția „Tekwill Junior Ambassadors” și-a desemnat câștigătorii! 67 de echipe de la 30 de școli din țară și-au pus în practică abilitățile digitale și creativitatea, dezvoltând proiecte originale și inventive pentru concurs. Fie că au ales să creeze coperte pentru cărți și semne de carte, identitatea turistică vizuală a unei localități sau identitatea vizuală a unei companii autohtone, echipele învingătoare au fost premiate cu diferite gadgeturi digitale și materiale promoționale.

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Au fost anunțați Tekwill Vertical Ambassadors 2021! Află care sunt acele 12 inițiative selectate

Tekwill Ambassadors ne bucură cu zeci de evenimente în acest an.

De la cursuri la hackathoane, de la vin la educație, Tekwill Ambassadors le aduc pe toate pe arena startupurilor din țară. Urmărește evenimentele în calendarul de mai jos și „save the date” pentru acele care te interesează! 

Informează-te despre Tekwill Ambassadors Program aici:…/au-fost-anuntati…/