The First Center For The Development Of Digital Skills Of Women Was Opened In UTA Gagăuzia – Women Hub Comrat

The girls and women of UTA Gagauzia now have the opportunity to develop their skills in the STEM field and to make the most of their professional potential! The Women Hub Comrat was opened at Comrat – an innovative center that offers the chance to all women who work in the IT field or want to start a career in this industry to fully use the hub’s coworking space, but also the multitude of programs developed with with the aim of helping them acquire the necessary skills to work in this field. Women Hub Comrat was launched by SEED FORUM MOLDOVA/IHUB, in collaboration with UN Women, with the financial support of Sweden, in partnership with the Tekwill project, with the support of USAID.

Through the Women Hub Comrat, within dedicated programs, girls and women in the region will benefit from support and training to get jobs in digital companies, retrain or develop their own businesses.

Svetlana Andries, program coordinator, UN Women: “It is special what ATIC does by involving all partners, local, national, state, governmental and non-governmental actors in order to identify solutions for the development of the IT sector in the country. By creating this center, we want this opportunity for coworking, creation, design, thinking and sharing to offer friendly spaces to women, girls, women with children, women who already have a profession but would like to retrain, to face all challenges. We want girls from the UTA Gagauzia region to have access to both studies and opportunities, so that they can later obtain well-paid professions.”

Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova: “The ICT sector is one of the most promising sectors in Moldova. It increased the country’s international profile and put Moldova on the “IT map”. The opening of the Tekwill center in Comrat will support more women, girls, children, youth and private sector actors to become part of the digital future. It is impressive to see the children hosted by Tekwill impacting their education using digital technologies. I can’t wait to see the next great achievements of the Tekwill Comrat project.”

Within the Comrat Women Hub priority will be given, in particular, to women who want to develop their tech skills and capabilities, benefiting from specialization courses, support from mentors and the community, access to digital tools and coworking space. Subsequently, the beneficiaries will have the possibility to register on international platforms, to get involved in various projects and to be able to contribute to the development of important fields for the economy and society – “FinTech”, “AgTech”, “HealthTech”, “EdTech” , “DeepTech”, “WineTech”, “FashionTech”. Women will be assisted by specialists, including for their first job offers or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through the Hub, they will be able to benefit from:
# training courses in various branches of the IT field;
# hours of mentoring and support in the learning process;
# participation in international innovation programs;
# access to local entrepreneurship events;
# possibility to participate in community events, organized exclusively for girls and women working in fields such as: marketing, design, software, testing, IT and programming.

Ana Chirița, director of the Tekwill project: “We believe in the potential of women and we appreciate their choice to be equal with men in all the fields they are involved in, whether it is career, family or anything else, as well as choosing a career in ICT . In recent years we have launched 6 editions of the “Women in Online Work” program, and the results are amazing. This initiative has shown us that women in the regions fit very well in the courses we offer, be it Social Media, QA Testing or Graphic Design. The launch of this hub at Comrat will provide the opportunity for more women to develop their full potential and embrace a career in the ICT industry.”

“Empowering Women Hub Networks” is implemented by SEED FORUM MOLDOVA/IHUB, in collaboration with UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) with the financial support of Sweden, in partnership with the TEKWILL project, funded by USAID and Sweden. By providing access to development opportunities, the project aims to contribute to the involvement of more girls and women in promising sectors of the national economy and to create the necessary platform to ensure gender equality in IT and the financial independence of beneficiaries.

Product Management Conference took place on December 3rd, at Tekwill

Product managers are essential in the development of a product and its success in the market. They set goals for the team developing the product and provide the link between developers, those working on the “ideal product,” and consumers, those who will use the product. Although it seems like a function with an abstract description, it is a role recognized as increasingly critical within IT companies.

That’s why the Product Management Moldova community and Technovator organized the Product Management conference – the main event for product managers, companies and startups who want to take a step forward in product development.

The event took place at Tekwill, on December 3rd, and aimed to be a platform to address product management trends and strategies, both locally and internationally, and attendees will have the opportunity to interact with IT product development experts and leaders.

The “Digital School” concept will be implemented in 25 educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova

The “Tekwill in Every School” and EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul projects presented the “Digital School” concept, which is to be implemented in 25 educational institutions in the Republic of Moldova, selected following a national competition. The “Digital School” initiative comes to support the vision of digitization of education in the country. The concept involves guiding institutions in the process of transformation and digitization, during one academic year.

The institutions participating in the “Digital School” program are 25 schools from the districts of Leova, Cantemir, Taraclia, Cahul, Vulcănești, Briceni, Fălești, Florești, Călărași, Hîncești, Ialoveni, from the municipalities of Chisinau and Bălți, as well as from UTA Găgăuzia.

During their digital transformation, they will implement Microsoft Office 365 for Education, which will enable teachers to communicate, collaborate and evaluate student projects more effectively.

At the same time, the licensed Windows software will be installed on all computing equipment in the schools. The institutions will be connected to the high-speed internet network provided by local providers.

Schools will implement the OECD Learning Compass model during lessons, which involves competency-based learning. Also, the institutions will be able to offer interactivity to the study of subjects such as chemistry, physics, biology, geography, by integrating the 3D models from the Corinth bookstore.

Among the institutions that will go through this process is the Theoretical High School, D. Cantemir” from the city of Cantemir, where the first transformations are already being felt. The institution was equipped with a Digital Laboratory, where 95 students can study graphic design, algorithm programming in C/C++, web design and development, entrepreneurship.

10 computers and 10 laptops, a projector with an interactive whiteboard and a high-performance printer have already been installed in the laboratory.

“The digital development of the institution involves the transformation of students into curriculum co-designers, the formation of digital competence of students, teachers and a strong, innovative, competitive and secure ICT environment. The implementation of the strategy will form a digitally developed, innovative and inclusive educational community, a collaborative environment that encourages the innovative work of all people and ensures sustainable development in all fields”, said Elena Macaria, director of the Theoretical High School “D. Cantemir”.

The 25 schools will be helped to develop STEAM projects, and teachers will be assisted in the integration of the “Flipped Classroom” methodology. An important element is also the fact that the students of the institutions will be able to study optional subjects related to the professions of the future, offered by the “Tekwill in Every School” program.

MEC comes to support the efforts made by teachers from the 25 beneficiary schools of the “Digital School” initiative in organizing learning activities in class with students that promote skills-based learning. We would like to express our admiration for the active involvement this weekend in which more than 150 teaching staff, managers and students participated in a unique workshop to identify and develop a model for qualitative assessment of students’ skills“, said Galina Rusu, Secretary of State in the Ministry of Education and Research.

“We are with you as partners to support these efforts and we will shoulder the digital transformation in the school. The hardest part is changing certain processes and introducing a different way of doing things. The Electronic Government Agency (AGE) has set as its objective the modernization and digitization at the level of the entire society and we will be very active and involved in any initiative that refers to this objective”, said Andrei Prisăcar, deputy director of the AGE.

“This year, 6 other schools in the Southern region will be able to open a Digital Laboratory in their premises. These innovative learning spaces are perfect for those students who do not own a digital device at home, as they provide access to equal opportunities to develop and advance digital skills. I am pleased to know that six schools from the EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul project are also part of the Digital School initiative and thus on the way to developing and adopting a digital and pedagogical transformation strategy”, said Boris Filipov, Project Manager , Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Moldova.

For one year, the institutions will be assisted by educational experts, both local and international, with the aim of developing the digital transformation strategy, improving the infrastructure, the computing technique, as well as the communication and collaboration processes between students, teachers and parents.

Sweden is a big supporter of STEM education because it has had a big impact on our economy and has met the strong demand for a skilled STEM workforce in the country. I am glad to see that STEM education is also supported by the “Digital School” initiative in Moldova“, said Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova.

“As we advance the digital transformation of schools in the Republic of Moldova, we need to provide more support to teachers in adapting the Strategy for Digital Transformation in Schools to each of the 25 selected schools, from Briceni to Giurgiulesti,” said Andrea Cuzyova, deputy resident representative of UNDP Moldova.

It should be noted that, this school year, 10 beneficiary schools of the “Digital Labs” initiative will be equipped with modern computers and laptops, thanks to a donation worth 80,000 euros, made in partnership with the Government of Romania through RoAid – Romanian Agency for International Development.

The “Digital School” initiative is developed by “Tekwill in Every School” and EU4Moldova: Startup City Cahul, in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and the Electronic Government Agency and is supported by USAID Moldova, Sweden, the European Union and UNDP Moldova.

Also, the companies Pride Systems SRL, Tablet Academy, Moldtelecom and Starnet participate in the implementation of the “Digital School” project.

Tekwill Bălți – for more specialists trained in IT and in the north of the country

The difficult context of recent years has increased the need for ICT expertise – from transport companies, couriers, education to state institutions, IT specialists are needed to help them integrate online public services. Thus, the Republic of Moldova must ensure that it has enough professionals in the field, and workforce training and IT education seems a more than necessary current investment. In this sense, continuing its mission from the last years, the “Tekwill Bălți” hub opened its doors today – one of the centers within “Nortek”, in the northern region of the country. Among the guests who crossed the threshold was the Prime Minister of the country, Natalia Gavriliță, accompanied by several government officials, representatives of companies in the field, but also the partners who provided financial support for the creation of “Tekwill Bălți” – USAID Moldova , Sweden, ATIC, iHUB Chisinau, UN Women, LED Moldova, Orange.

Natalia Gavrilița, Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova: “Our people are very hardworking, they are innovative and we have seen that, when conditions are created for them, they can fully develop their potential. We see successful entrepreneurs both in the diaspora and at home. With the inauguration of such centers, I am sure that we will have more and more entrepreneurs who will find their purpose, grow and develop their businesses and create jobs at home. Such a modern space, which also has classrooms, laboratories, and business incubators, is a chance for the entire northern region and the entire country to become more competitive and to capitalize on the talent and entrepreneurial spirit of young people.”

Ana Chirița, director of ATIC strategic projects: “ICT is the sector that has proven its resilience in the face of crises and continued to grow when the economy continued to go through difficult periods, bringing added value not only in terms of contribution to GDP – 7 %, but also in the development of society as a whole. The performance of the industry would be even higher if we removed the labor shortage in the field. We believe that it is essential to develop new retraining and continuous development programs for teachers, young people, other specialists, which will enable them to obtain teaching, learning and working skills updated to the needs of the industry. However, this is one of our commitments that we want to continue here, at Tekwill Bălți.”

Tekwill Bălți – connects communities to innovative spaces!

Pupils, students, teachers, entrepreneurs and other industry enthusiasts participated in the opening of “Tekwill Bălți”, where the project implementers proposed to lay the foundations of a community interested in the development of IT in the north of the country. With an area of 1000 m2, located in the heart of Balti, Tekwill will offer visitors: 5 training rooms, 1 conference room, 2 community spaces, 6 coworking spaces and work offices.

Pavel Curcovici, coordinator of the “Tekwill Bălți” hub: “With the opening of the center, we will focus on developing the competitiveness of the ICT sector through educational initiatives in line with industry requirements, supporting IT entrepreneurship and creating innovative products. Here we will host entrepreneurial and community events, and offer opportunities to connect with local and international investor networks. We want to create here, a strategic point that brings together all the elements necessary to facilitate and develop the information technology sector.”

Tekwill Balti – educational programs for any age!

“Tekwill Bălți” is part of the national network of TEKWILL centers, which develops educational and entrepreneurial content, in accordance with local specifics, by promoting partnerships between the private sector, academia and citizens. Some of them are already enjoying success at the local level, and today they are expanding their possibilities:

  • Tekwill Academy Kids – Every weekend, the Tekwill Academy Kids team together with local mentors, will conduct several courses for children from the northern region. These will be presented to the general public in a dedicated event, which parents and children will be able to participate in for free – “TAK Open Doors Day”;
  • Tekwill in every school – Already successfully implemented in schools in the region, the most complex program of extracurricular courses will continue its activities at “Tekwill Bălți”. Soon, the regional stage of the “Tekwill Junior Ambassadors” competition will take place here. Also, training for teachers who want to get involved in the program will be hosted by the center. Also here, the program implementers will develop the events dedicated to career guidance for TIFS beneficiary students, during which all the questions they have about the professions of the future will be addressed to the specialists;
  • Youth Maker Club – The Youth Maker Club activity will take place in the premises of Tekwill Bălți, where both theoretical and practical training will take place (3D modeling and laser cutting, electronics and programming, modeling and 3D printing, etc.);
    Tekwill Academy – will continue its activity and contribute to the professional growth and conversion of those wishing to work in IT through dedicated courses (Java, Web Dev, Digital Upgrade, etc.), but will also launch a regional skills development project digital for public administration. On the very day of the hub’s launch, a dedicated workshop will be organized, and those wishing to participate can consult the project’s page;
  • WOW: “Women in online work” – expands its programs also in inciting “Tekwill Balti”, to help as many women as possible to learn and be able to work remotely. Soon, the space will be equipped with an area dedicated to mothers with children, so that women can also participate in offline meetings. Community events are planned where successful women will be invited to share their experiences, and the space has been equipped with a videoconference system for hybrid training.

Soon, more details will be published on the Tekwill page:

About “Tekwill Balti”

“Tekwill Bălți” is created according to the model of “Tekwill” from Chișinău, being part of the commitment to expand the network at the national level. With the support of USAID and Sweden, in 2017, ATIC created “Tekwill”, with the main goal of aligning the field with current requirements. In order to continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center expanded its fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at the national level. The basic objective, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country, by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of the members of society, but also the research and development potential of higher education institutions , in line with IT market demand.