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The First Center For The Development Of Digital Skills Of Women Was Opened In UTA Gagăuzia – Women Hub Comrat

The girls and women of UTA Gagauzia now have the opportunity to develop their skills in the STEM field and to make the most of their professional potential! The Women Hub Comrat was opened at Comrat – an innovative center that offers the chance to all women who work in the IT field or want to start a career in this industry to fully use the hub’s coworking space, but also the multitude of programs developed with with the aim of helping them acquire the necessary skills to work in this field. Women Hub Comrat was launched by SEED FORUM MOLDOVA/IHUB, in collaboration with UN Women, with the financial support of Sweden, in partnership with the Tekwill project, with the support of USAID.

Through the Women Hub Comrat, within dedicated programs, girls and women in the region will benefit from support and training to get jobs in digital companies, retrain or develop their own businesses.

Svetlana Andries, program coordinator, UN Women: “It is special what ATIC does by involving all partners, local, national, state, governmental and non-governmental actors in order to identify solutions for the development of the IT sector in the country. By creating this center, we want this opportunity for coworking, creation, design, thinking and sharing to offer friendly spaces to women, girls, women with children, women who already have a profession but would like to retrain, to face all challenges. We want girls from the UTA Gagauzia region to have access to both studies and opportunities, so that they can later obtain well-paid professions.”

Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova: “The ICT sector is one of the most promising sectors in Moldova. It increased the country’s international profile and put Moldova on the “IT map”. The opening of the Tekwill center in Comrat will support more women, girls, children, youth and private sector actors to become part of the digital future. It is impressive to see the children hosted by Tekwill impacting their education using digital technologies. I can’t wait to see the next great achievements of the Tekwill Comrat project.”

Within the Comrat Women Hub priority will be given, in particular, to women who want to develop their tech skills and capabilities, benefiting from specialization courses, support from mentors and the community, access to digital tools and coworking space. Subsequently, the beneficiaries will have the possibility to register on international platforms, to get involved in various projects and to be able to contribute to the development of important fields for the economy and society – “FinTech”, “AgTech”, “HealthTech”, “EdTech” , “DeepTech”, “WineTech”, “FashionTech”. Women will be assisted by specialists, including for their first job offers or entrepreneurial opportunities.

Through the Hub, they will be able to benefit from:
# training courses in various branches of the IT field;
# hours of mentoring and support in the learning process;
# participation in international innovation programs;
# access to local entrepreneurship events;
# possibility to participate in community events, organized exclusively for girls and women working in fields such as: marketing, design, software, testing, IT and programming.

Ana Chirița, director of the Tekwill project: “We believe in the potential of women and we appreciate their choice to be equal with men in all the fields they are involved in, whether it is career, family or anything else, as well as choosing a career in ICT . In recent years we have launched 6 editions of the “Women in Online Work” program, and the results are amazing. This initiative has shown us that women in the regions fit very well in the courses we offer, be it Social Media, QA Testing or Graphic Design. The launch of this hub at Comrat will provide the opportunity for more women to develop their full potential and embrace a career in the ICT industry.”

“Empowering Women Hub Networks” is implemented by SEED FORUM MOLDOVA/IHUB, in collaboration with UN Women (United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women) with the financial support of Sweden, in partnership with the TEKWILL project, funded by USAID and Sweden. By providing access to development opportunities, the project aims to contribute to the involvement of more girls and women in promising sectors of the national economy and to create the necessary platform to ensure gender equality in IT and the financial independence of beneficiaries.


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