You can find the most sought-after technical professions at Tekwill Academy. For 4 Years, The Program Brings Innovation in Education

For 4 years, the “Tekwill Academy” project brings information technology closer to all those who have completed their university studies and wanted a retraining or acquisition of new professional skills for a future in IT. With 10 ongoing courses, the initiative has trained hundreds of people currently employed in the largest IT companies in the country, educated teachers at higher education institutions in Moldova and provided educational tools for thousands of young people in launching and developing their own projects. “Tekwill Academy” was created and operates within the TEKWILL project implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden.

In an innovative environment, following the latest trends on the labour market in the field of IT, “Tekwill Academy” prepares courses on specific topics, following an updated curriculum, taught by professional trainers in the field of ICT in Moldova and abroad. Out of the desire to provide technological education and support the development of industry not only in the capital, in the last two years, the project has expanded to the north and south of the country, and thus the TEKWILL project kicks off “[r]evolution reaches the whole country“.

Marcela Lupșa, graduate, Manual Quality Assurance course: “I found out about the Tekwill project since it opened, it was in the beginning. And for me it was a special place, even magical.”

Tatiana Ciaglic, graduate, Web Development course: “I consider that it is very useful and necessary for our country what Tekwill does. I liked the program; I liked the practical approach. We really worked on our projects and sites. We applied the theory in practice while learning, which is very important when learning technologies. The skills I acquired here I further put into practice in my work as an e-learning specialist. The training acquired at Tekwill, helped me launch a startup – which is a great success for me.”

Andrian Garștea, graduate, Web Development course: “The information I obtained here was very important to me. That is because there are days when we encounter some kind of barriers at work that I cannot cross. Thanks to the course I had here, it became easier for me to overcome these obstacles.”

And to help close the gap between specialists trained in educational institutions and the needs of the IT industry, in partnership with major international providers, “Tekwill Academy” offers courses with internationally recognized certifications: Oracle, ISTQB Foundation, etc.

Andrei Erhan, graduate, Python and Machine Learning Unlocked course: “After finishing this course, I have already obtained an internship, and the employment follows.”

Eugen Valah, graduate, ISTQB Foundation Level certification, Agile Tester Extension certification: “I came from another field, just like many others studying at Tekwill. I needed a certificate that officially proves my knowledge. I had the opportunity to take the ISTQB Foundation Level and Agile Extension exams.”

The success of the project does not end here: Tekwill Academy continues to expand in the regions. Professionals from other fields, enthusiasts and all those interested in IT can choose to study one of the courses that the program offers, and later – get an employment opportunity within an IT company in the region.

Corina Damaschin, project manager “Tekwill Academy”: “For 4 years, we trained over 1300 participants in the courses, we had over 5 thousand participants in activities such as meetups, labs, webinars, various events within the Tekwill center but also online. In the future, we plan to expand to more cities, so we can be your IT guide in your locality – closer and more accessible.”

Tekwill Academy also offers training programs for international certifications: Cisco, Oracle, Cyber ​​Security & Networks, SQL Fundamentals, JAVA Fundamentals, etc. Between 2018 and 2020, over 150 specialists have certified their knowledge in the field.

The “Tekwill In Every School” program expands nationwide

A new school year, more opportunities for educational institutions across the country. Starting in September, another 157 schools will be members of the most revolutionary educational program in the country – “Tekwill in every school”. Thus, in the school year 2021 – 2022, several hundred other students will have access to courses that will develop the skills and aptitudes necessary to be better prepared for the professions of the future.

Moreover, in the next period, the approximately 400 selected teachers will benefit from a complex program of continuous development in order to be prepared to teach optional subjects. The new phase of the project also comes with new optional courses, such as Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Application Design and Development and Entrepreneurship, in addition to the 3 already existing: C / C ++ Algorithm Programming, Web Design and Development, but also Graphic Design. At the same time, the courses taught in the school year 2020-2021 will be available in Russian for next year.

Currently, the project “Tekwill in every school” is implemented in 77 general secondary schools in the Republic of Moldova, which will continue to be members of the initiative in the future. Once the new schools are selected, in the 2020-2021 academic year, 234 schools and a total of 590 teachers will be connected to the program. Also, the estimated number of students who will study at least one of the 6 courses available on the platform is at least 20,000.

The list of selected institutions can be consulted here.

“Tekwill in every school” is committed to having more than 90% of high schools across the country by 2024. The courses taught in this initiative are placed on an eLearning platform – – which is intended for teachers and high school students, and so far, 5,327 students in grades 7-12 have already enrolled. Each course includes 34 lessons, which could be studied during an academic year, and each weekly lesson includes educational resources such as digital text, video, simulation exercises, interactive assessment tests, and for promotion a final project needs to be developed.

The program is developed in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research of the Republic of Moldova. The creation of courses within the project “Tekwill in every school” was possible by mobilizing the financial efforts of the private sector, citizens of the country and the diaspora and external development partners – USAID, Sweden, EU4Moldova and UNDP Moldova.

New Investments for the Development of ATU Gagauzia. A Center of Excellence in IT will be created in Comrat based on the Tekwill model in Chisinau

New investments in the development of ATU Gagauzia! According to a Memorandum of Understanding between the Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia and TEKWILL, in the region will be operated more investments in education and training of local workforce in the field of ICT, encouraging innovation-based business, stimulating competitiveness in the local business environment, but also creating a center of excellence in IT. The action is part of TEKWILL’s expansion commitment – an important project for the development of the Moldovan IT sector, implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Dereck J. Hogan, US Ambassador to Moldova: “The US Government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has supported the development of Moldova’s IT sector since 2005, improving the competitiveness of Moldova’s economy, promoting transparency, and improving governance. And we are delighted that today, at Comrat, we are witnessing the birth of another promising partnership – this time with Invest Gagauzia – with the aim of creating a Tekwill center of excellence in Comrat. The United States is a dedicated partner of the Republic of Moldova. For the past thirty years, we have built our relationship on the basis of common interests and mutual aspirations. Today’s signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is another proof that we are successful together.”

Anna Lyberg, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova: “I am glad to see TEKWILL expand and offer opportunities throughout Moldova. The evolution of TEKWILL is a success story, and its expansion takes place due to a strong commitment of the people of Gagauzia, which certainly changes and shapes the future of the country. Sweden is grateful for the partnership with USAID. Together we support ATIC in becoming the strong and stable actor on ICT digitalisation and innovation stage of the country. TEKWILL is an impressive and important initiative in advancing towards the sustainable development goals.”

ICT Center of Excellence – to connect the community to ideas, resources, and industry

The ICT Center of Excellence will be located at the State University of Comrat and will open its doors to the general public this autumn. Within it, several events will be organized in order to encourage the use of technologies, programs for entrepreneurs, educational programs for training and extension of skills, which meet the needs of the private sector. Investments in equipping the Center of Excellence in IT will be made through the TEKWILL project, and the Gagauz authorities, one of the signatories of the Memorandum who have committed to build and renovate the center from their own sources.

Irina Vlah, Bashcan of Gagauzia: “This platform will be an important stage for the development of the IT sector in Gagauzia and we will focus on this project to have results, as soon as possible. I wish that in 2-3 years, we list, together with you, the technologies and IT solutions that have been developed here by talented young people who attended the courses offered by TEKWILL so we can strongly declare that Gagauzia is not just a simple technology user, but an IT technology provider. Special thanks to the development partners, USA and Sweden, for the support provided, without which the construction of this platform would have been a difficult project at this stage.”

Ana Chirița, ATIC strategic project director / TEKWILL project director: “The IT sector is constantly rising, and the impressive results obtained in recent years set the necessary premises for investments in the development of the sector at national level. We are sure that this center will become a catalyst for the development of the town. Comrat, but also of the other localities in the region. We will implement several programs dedicated to any age – pupils, students, teachers, young professionals, etc. – in order to expand development opportunities in the region and create the premises for connecting the talent and potential of human capital with the possibilities offered by national and local IT companies.”

The first beneficiaries of TEKWILL projects in the Gagauz region will be students and teachers in general education. From September 1, they will study the subjects of the future in “Tekwill in every school” – the most complex extracurricular course program. Thus, 37 schools in the region will be connected to the national network and will learn 6 optional courses in the optional classes on the platform. Several TEWKWILL programs to encourage entrepreneurship and IT training will be extended in the region until the end of this year, such as: Tekwill Academy, Tekwill Academy Kids, Startup Academy, Startup Moldova Digital Upgrade, and others.


Tekwill was created in 2017 as the Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main goal of aligning the field with the requirements of the 21st century. To continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded the current fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level. The basic objective of the Tekwill Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society members, but also the research and development potential of higher education institutions, in line with the demand on the IT market.

4 Years of TEKWILL – “[R]evolution Reaches the Whole Country”

From a center of excellence in IT – to a project of national importance! On the fourth anniversary of its activity, the TEKWILL project is committed to bringing information technology closer to people from all regions of Moldova and kicks off “[r] evolution that reaches the whole country.” In the 4 years of activity, the TEKWILL project launched and implemented programs for the development of excellence in ICT, contributed to the development of the workforce, supported entrepreneurship, and came up with know-how to create an ecosystem favourable to tech startups. Thus, for 4 years, funds of over $ 13 million were attracted, over 865 thousand hours of training were carried out, over 400 thousand people benefited from its programs and those supported together with other partners, and over 43% of them were girls and women. The TEKWILL project, founded in 2017, is implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Anna Lyberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Moldova: “A few years ago, together with USAID Moldova, Sweden joined forces to create and develop a visionary initiative in Moldova – TEKWILL! And what a journey it was! TEKWILL was born from a partnership between the private sector and academia, where donors’ strategic priorities were incorporated. Thanks to TEKWILL we have stronger and substantial human resources in IT. We have an initiative that inspires children and young people to get involved in this field, encouraging them to stay in the country to work here, as well as support entrepreneurship and startups. We are glad to see that during these 4 years, around 78 thousand people have benefited from the activities carried out by TEKWILL and we are delighted that half of them are girls and women. Respectively, it is an initiative that helps them improve their lives and living conditions. I am also pleased to see TEKWILL expand its activities and projects in the regions by promoting digitalisation, which is worth celebrating today.”

Scott Hocklander, director of the USAID mission in Moldova: “It is remarkable and impressive for me to see this major movement and how far we have managed to move forward in such a short period of time. It is in this complicated period that it is very important to observe the things that can be considered small victories, some very positive opportunities, which is, in fact, TEKWILL for us. One of USAID’s main objectives in the Republic of Moldova is to support existing partnerships between businesspeople, academia, and the Government, in order to educate a workforce that will remain in the country. TEKWILL is a “technological awakening” of the Republic of Moldova. It is very clear that, in these 4 years, all the promises and achievements of the TEKWILL project have proved to be successful.”

Ana Chirița, director of the TEKWILL project: “4 years ago, we laid the foundations of the biggest tech dream we admire today in reality – TEKWILL. After many experiences, we can proudly say that one in 10 people in Chisinau has crossed our threshold and taken part in our initiatives, and one in 7 IT companies is our partner or has benefited from our programs. More. We have expanded our network of partners, we have developed fundamental TEKWILL projects in Bălți, Cahul and Comrat, we have welcomed dozens of students, teachers, specialists, and freelancers in “our home” dedicated to the IT sector. This year we will expand even more – we will connect 300 schools to TEKWILL programs, we will support and train hundreds of entrepreneurs, we will continue to lead the digital revolution. All my deep gratitude goes to those who believed in us – USAID, Sweden, the Government of Moldova, TUM, regional partners, ATIC and to each of our beneficiaries, who trust what we do.”

TEKWILL projects implemented in several regions of the country

In 2020, the projects developed by TEKWILL have expanded beyond the capital, to encourage the development of the ICT sector at national level. In the coming years, in the key regions of the Republic of Moldova will be created more centers of excellence in IT, educational programs will be developed for the training of the workforce in the field, the professions of the future will be brought closer to 95% of schools, SMEs- will be helped to acquire more digital skills, entrepreneurs will be supported on their way to success and much more. An important step taken by TEKWILL is the expansion in the southern region of the country.

Irina Vlah, the Bashkan of Gagauzia: “I am sure that a project can advance and generate results only if the people involved in its realization are constructive, inspired and talented people, they are people looking for solutions, people whose difficulties challenge them even more to find new ways to progress. I watched this project and I liked how you progressed, and I will admit that for a long time I have been looking for solutions to attract the experience, talent, and energy of TEKWILL in Gagauzia. We were inspired by the TEKWILL project and I am happy that we recently signed the Memorandum of Understanding for the implementation of the project in the Autonomy of Gagauzia by creating a “Tekwill”-type center in Comrat. Our goal is to create in Comrat a platform that will become an amplifier of talent, youth energy, with opportunities to learn programming and create solutions and technical progress. I congratulate you on the occasion of the anniversary and I wish you to remain the locomotive of the development of this beautiful project and the development of the IT sector in Moldova. Happy birthday, TEKWILL!”

TEKWILL projects are on the rise in the north of the country, where since last year, development opportunities have been expanded to create the premises for connecting talent and potential of human capital with the possibilities offered by local IT companies.

Ion Bodrug, president of ACETI Bălți: “I want to congratulate the TEKWILL team for the successful results achieved so far. Until today, they were the ones who laid the solid foundations of the IT development methodology at national level. And now it is time to expand its activity and initiatives in all regions of the country. ACETI collaborates productively with the TEKWILL team, a prodigious partnership, that is why we are waiting for you in the north of the country with great programs that students, pupils and all those who want to develop their IT skills are eager to learn. Happy birthday, TEKWILL!”

Natalia Gașițoi, Rector of the “Alecu Russo” State University in Bălți: “We have been following the development of the TEKWILL project since its launch and we are happy to see so many partnerships connecting Moldovan industries and companies to the digital world. We bring words of gratitude and good wishes to the TEKWILL team and at the same time I would like to thank for the initiative and support offered in the construction of the ICT Center of Excellence in Balti, where I hope to see each other and collaborate through those projects that lead to technological transformation in regions.”


With the support of USAID and Sweden, Tekwill was created in 2017 as the Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main goal of aligning the field with the requirements of the 21st century. Aiming to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded its current fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level. The basic objective of the TEKWILL Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society members, but also the research and development potential of higher education, in line with the demand in the IT market.

TEKWILL – “[r]evolution reaches the whole country”!

Moldovan startups will be able to access foreign investments more easily and will be more visible globally

Moldovan startups will become more visible internationally and will be able to attract investments more easily. This is after, recently, the “Startup Moldova” program part of the TEKWILL project became a member of “Startup Genome” – an organization that provides research and consulting services in over 38 states, in order to develop country policies, innovation and acceleration strategies of the startup ecosystem. Through this collaboration, our country strengthens its global connection and opens more opportunities for entrepreneurs with business based on innovation: exchange of experiences and expertise with the international community, increased global visibility, communication platforms with other specialists around the world, attracting potential sources of funding and others. The development of technological entrepreneurship in Moldova is one of the priority directions of the TEKWILL project, supported by its development partners USAID and Sweden.

Ana Chirița, director of the TEKWILL project: “Moldova has taken significant steps in consolidating the startup ecosystem. Through TEWILL initiatives, it has increased the competitiveness of the ICT industry and supported entrepreneurs in the development of local technology businesses. Thus, we managed to establish a partnership with “Startup Genome”, thanks to which the local startup ecosystem will become even more visible, and entrepreneurs will be able to access foreign investments, essential for the development of IT businesses. In this way, together we will grow ideas that change the world.”

In the previous year, for the first time, the Republic of Moldova was included in the analysis report of the startup ecosystem made by “Startup Genome” – one of the most complex and important research in the field. Its data refer to our country in relation to over 250 startup ecosystems around the world. Developed e-commerce, fiscal facilities and cost-effective human capital are some of the most important reasons why a startup should become a resident of our country, the research results show. E-commerce has grown steadily in Moldova over the years, with 12% more Moldovans doing virtual shopping in 2019 than in the previous year. More. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated this trend, leading to a 30% increase in online purchases in 2020. This is also due to previous year’s investments in the development of this field by USAID and Sweden’s international partners. This acceleration lays the groundwork for an environment conducive to the implementation of innovative ideas and their transformation into digital business (integrated sales platforms, marketplaces, digital marketing solutions, etc.).

Digital business development supported by international partners

Although it has made significant progress compared to 10 years ago, Moldova still has much unexplored potential, amid a lack of entrepreneurial culture, limited access to finance, and little experience in managing its own-based businesses. In order to reduce the gap and encourage the development of business based on information technologies, the Republic of Moldova aligns with international trends and implements programs dedicated to growing and supporting startups, such as “Startup Moldova” – a complex program that offers young people with innovative ideas access to programs education, infrastructure, consultancy, mentoring, opportunities to connect to international events and competitions, as well as attract funding sources. The program is developed within the TEKWILL project, with the support of USAID and Sweden.

Anna Lyberg, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova: “Sweden contributes to the development of IT business in the Republic of Moldova and supports the expansion of opportunities for local startups internationally. We are convinced that the partnership between “Startup Moldova” and “Startup Genome” will offer entrepreneurs the opportunity to connect their businesses to a global network of programs and platforms in the field, which will allow them to become progressive businesses. In the future, it will contribute to creating new opportunities here, at home, for young people and for women – a very important resource for sustainable economic growth and improved living conditions in the Republic of Moldova.”

Scott Hocklander, Head of the USAID Mission to Moldova: “The digital world is developing at a rapid pace, so it is extremely important that such countries as Moldova keep up with international trends. USAID supports the development of businesses in the IT sector in the Republic of Moldova, so that they become innovative and as competitive as possible in various markets. Our collaboration with the consulting and research company in the field of innovation policies – Startup Genome, will offer local startups a wider exposure on international markets. Through the exchange of experience, constructive feedback on the concept of investments and the connections of expertise, USAID builds a vigorous ecosystem of startups in Moldova. In the long run, this means a prosperous economy, more jobs and a better future for Moldovans.”

Starting this year, Startup Moldova will focus on 3 support directions: infrastructure creation, ecosystem development and community initiatives. Thus, the program will become a platform for stronger connection of entrepreneurial communities. So far, within the TEKWILL project, assistance has been provided for about 1000 teams and startups and technological education for about 65,000 beneficiaries.

About “Startup Moldova” and TEKWILL

The national program “Startup Moldova” is part of the TEKWILL Project, implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden. Tekwill was created in 2017 as a Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main purpose of aligning the field with current market requirements. The basic objective of the TEKWILL Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country, by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society, but also by increasing the research and development potential of institutions. education, in line with the demand in the IT market.

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4 ani de TEKWILL – „[r]evoluția cuprinde toată țara”

De la un centru de excelență în IT – la un proiect de importanță națională! La cea de-a patra aniversare a activității sale, proiectul TEKWILL își ia angajamentul ca tehnologiile informaționale să fie mai aproape de oameni din toate regiunile Moldovei și dă startul „[r]evoluției  care cuprinde toată țara”. În cei 4 ani de activitate, proiectul TEKWILL a lansat și implementat programe pentru dezvoltarea excelenței în domeniul TIC, a contribuit la dezvoltarea forței de muncă, a susținut antreprenoriatul și a venit cu know-how pentru crearea unui ecosistem favorabil startup-urilor tech. Astfel, timp de 4 ani, au fost atrase fonduri de peste 13 mln $, au fost desfășurate peste 865 de mii de ore de training, peste 400 de mii de oameni au beneficiat de programele sale și cele susținute alături de alți parteneri, iar peste 43% dintre aceștia au fost fete și femei. Proiectului TEKWILL, fondat în 2017, este implementat de Asociația Națională a Companiilor din Domeniul TIC cu susținerea financiară a Agenției Statelor Unite pentru Dezvoltare Internațională (USAID) și a Suediei.

Anna Lyberg, Ambasadoarea Suediei în RM: „Acum câțiva ani, împreună cu USAID Moldova, Suedia și-a unit eforturile pentru a crea și dezvolta o inițiativă vizionară în Moldova – TEKWILL! Și ce călătorie a fost! TEKWILL a luat naștere grație unui parteneriat dintre sectorul privat și mediul academic, unde prioritățile strategice ale donatorilor au fost incorporate. Grație TEKWILL-ului avem parte de resurse umane în IT mai puternice și substanțiale. Avem parte de o inițiativă care inspiră copiii și tinerii să se implice în acest domeniu, încurajându-i să rămână în țară pentru a activa aici, la fel, susține antreprenoriatul și startup-urile. Suntem bucuroși să vedem că pe parcursul acestor 4 ani, în jur de 75 de mii de persoane au beneficiat de activitățile desfășurate de TEKWILL și suntem încântați că jumătate dintre acestea sunt fete și femei. Respectiv, este o inițiativă care le ajută să-și îmbunătățească viața și condițiile de trai. La fel, mă bucur să asistăm la extinderea activităților și proiectelor TEKWILL în regiuni, prin promovarea digitalizării, lucruri care merită celebrate astăzi.”

Scott Hocklander, directorul misiunii USAID în Moldova: „Este remarcabil și impresionant pentru mine să vedem această mișcare majoră și cât de mult am reușit să avansăm într-o perioadă atât de scurtă de timp. Anume în această perioadă complicată, este foarte important de a observa lucrurile care pot fi considerate mici victorii, niște oportunități foarte pozitive, ceea ce este, de fapt, TEKWILL pentru noi. Unul dintre obiectivele principale ale USAID în Republica Moldova este de a susține parteneriatele existente dintre cercurile de afaceri, cercurile academice și Guvern, în vederea educării unei forțe de muncă care să rămână în țară. TEKWILL reprezintă o „trezire tehnologică” a Republicii Moldova. Este foarte clar că, în acești 4 ani, toate promisiunile și realizările proiectului TEKWILL s-au dovedit a fi de succes.”

Ana Chirița, directoarea proiectului TEKWILL: „Acum 4 ani, noi  am pus bazele celui mai mare vis tech pe care astăzi îl admirăm în realitate – TEKWILL. După numeroase experiențe, putem spune cu mândrie că una din 10 persoane din orașul Chișinău ne-a trecut pragul și a luat parte la inițiativele noastre, iar una din 7 companii IT ne este parteneră sau a beneficiat de programele noastre. Mai mult. Ne-am extins rețeaua de parteneri, am dezvoltat proiecte fundamentale TEKWILL la Bălți, Cahul și Comrat, am întâmpinat zeci de elevi, profesori, specialiști și liberi profesioniști în „casa noastră” dedicată sectorului IT. Anul acesta ne vom extinde și mai mult – vom conecta 300 de școli la programele TEKWILL, vom sprijini și instrui sute de antreprenori, vom continua să conducem revoluția digitală. Toate recunoștințele mele profunde merg către cei care au crezut în noi – USAID, Suedia, Guvernul Moldovei, UTM, partenerii regionali, ATIC și către fiecare dintre beneficiarii noștri, care au încredere în ceea ce facem.”

Proiectele TEKWILL implementate în mai multe regiuni ale țării

În 2020, proiectele dezvoltate de TEKWILL s-au extins și în afara capitalei, pentru a încuraja dezvoltarea sectorului TIC la nivel național. În următorii ani, în regiunile – cheie ale Republicii Moldova vor fi create mai multe centre de excelență în IT, vor fi dezvoltate programe educaționale pentru pregătirea forței de muncă în domeniu,  profesiile viitorului vor fi aduse mai aproape de 95% din școli, IMM-urile vor fi ajutate să obțină mai multe abilități digitale, antreprenorii vor fi susținuți în drumul lor către succes și multe altele. Un pas important făcut de TEKWILL este extinderea în regiunea de sud a țării.

Irina Vlah, bașcanul Găgăuziei: „Sunt sigură că un proiect poate avansa și genera rezultate doar dacă oamenii implicați în realizarea sa sunt oameni constructivi, inspirați și talentați, sunt oameni care caută soluții, oameni pe care dificultățile îi provoacă încă mai mult să găsească căi noi pentru progres. Am urmărit acest proiect și mi-a plăcut cum ați progresat și voi recunoaște că de mai mult timp am căutat soluții pentru a atrage experiența, talentul și energia TEKWILL în Găgăuzia. Ne-a inspirat proiectul TEKWILL și sunt fericită că recent am semnat Memorandumul de Înțelegere pentru implementarea proiectului în Autonomia Găgăuzia prin crearea în Comrat a unui centru de tip „Tekwill”. Obiectivul nostru este să creăm în Comrat o platformă care să devină un amplificator al talentelor,  al energiei tinerilor, cu oportunități de a învăța programare și de a crea soluții și progrese tehnice.  Vă felicit cu ocazia aniversării și vă doresc să rămâneți locomotiva dezvoltării acestui frumos proiect și a dezvoltării

sectorului IT în Moldova. La mulți ani, TEKWILL!”

Proiectele TEKWILL sunt în plină ascensiune și în nordul țării, acolo unde încă din anul precedent, au fost extinse oportunitățile de dezvoltare, pentru a crea premisele pentru conectarea talentului și potențialului capitalului uman cu posibilitățile oferite de companiile IT locale.

Ion Bodrug, președintele ACETI Bălți: „Vreau să felicit echipa TEKWILL pentru rezultatele performante obținute până acum. Până astăzi ei au fost cei care au pus bazele trainice ale metodologiei de dezvoltare a domeniului IT la nivel național. Și iată că a venit momentul să-și extindă activitatea și inițiativele în toate regiunile țării. ACETI colaborează productiv cu echipa TEKWILL, un parteneriat ce dă roade îmbucurătoare, de aceea vă așteptăm la nordul țării cu programele faine pe care studenții, elevii și toți cei care vor să-și dezvolte abilitățile în domeniul IT sunt nerăbdători să le cunoască. La mulți ani, TEKWILL!”

Natalia Gașițoi, Rectora Universității de Stat „Alecu Russo” din Bălți: „Am urmărit dezvoltarea proiectului TEKWILL încă de la momentul lansării și ne bucurăm să vedem atâtea parteneriate ce conectează industriile și companiile din Moldova la lumea digitală.  Aducem cuvinte de gratitudine și urări de bine echipei TEKWILL și totodată aș vrea să mulțumesc pentru inițiativa și suportul oferit în construcția Centrului de Excelență TIC la Bălți, unde sper să ne revedem și să colaborăm prin acele proiecte care să ducă la transformarea tehnologică în regiuni.”


Cu susținerea USAID și a Suediei, „Tekwill” a fost creat în anul 2017 ca Centru de Excelență al sectorului ICT din Moldova, având drept scop principal alinierea domeniului la cerințele secolului 21. Pentru a continua să contribuie la creșterea competitivității industriei IT și a altor sectoare strategice ale economiei, centrul și-a extins domeniile actuale de activitate, devenind în 2019 un proiect complex la nivel național. Obiectivul de bază a Proiectului TEKWILL, în calitatea sa de platformă dedicată progresului sectorului IT, este de a asigura un impact major asupra dezvoltării economice a țării prin îmbunătățirea capacităților antreprenoriale și educaționale ale membrilor societății, dar și a potențialului de cercetare și dezvoltare al instituțiilor de învățământ superior, în conformitate cu cererea de pe piața IT.

TEKWILL – „[r]evoluția cuprinde toată țara”!

Upcoming Courses Tekwill Academy

Tekwill Academy vine cu un nou program de studii pentru toate nivelurile de pregătire. Noile cursuri sunt un răspuns la cererea de specialiști IT pe plan local și vin să instruiască tinerii pentru a începe o carieră în domeniu.

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Following discussions and negotiations with representatives of the private sector in the Republic of Moldova and internationally, as well as representatives of international non-governmental organizations, Tekwill explored the possibility of expanding educational programs to prepare skilled labor according to international standards. Thus, Tekwill has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with StrategEast, USA, the founder of the IT HUB educational center.

As a result, Tekwill launches the “Better employment opportunities” Program that enables knowledge transfer, international exchange of experience and best practices, contributing to the training of junior specialists in the field of ICT. Eligible participants, evaluated and selected by StrategEast will benefit from an individual mentoring program from highly qualified instructors from EPAM Systems and other global IT companies. Each student enrolled into this program will get trained in one of the following areas: Frontend Development, Java, ASP.NET, Android, Software Testing.  Only 20 applicants will participate in the first faze of this program. Once they graduate the participants will be able to receive job offers for remote employment within the international IT companies.

Eligible candidates for the program are:

  • students of the last year of studies from IT specialties;
  • persons with a knowledge of English B1 level or higher;
  • persons with basic knowledge in programming and / or software testing;
  • persons ready to contribute 20% of the full cost of studies.

Eligible candidates are invited to submit their profiles here.

StrategEast is a registered 501(c)3 organization based in the United States with the regional offices in Ukraine and Georgia and has the mission to reinforce the values of the rule of law and private property protection in Eurasian and Baltic countries through the transition from natural‑resource‑based to knowledge-driven economies. StrategEasts’ work is focused on the 14 countries that proclaimed or restored their independence after the collapse of the USSR: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.

StrategEast IT HUB – The main goal of IT HUB is to facilitate the development of the IT industry in Eurasian countries by increasing the number of qualified personnel in the IT field, creating high paying jobs, expanding the capabilities of technological entrepreneurship, attracting foreign direct investment, and exporting IT services. The IT HUB was launched jointly by StrategEast and the leading American engineering company EPAM Systems. The Program’s strategy is to create new skills within an enabling sector that will drive high-value employment growth, investment, and increased revenues/sales. The creation of an IT HUB through the impetus of StrategEast and its global knowledge partner EPAM Systems will provide an initial mechanism to achieve this goal.

EPAM Systems is a US company based in Newtown, Pennsylvania, United States. The company has its roots from South Eastern Europe and now has established offices across 30 countries worldwide. EPAM specializes in product development, digital platform engineering, and digital and product design and was named to Forbes’ 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies list in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017. Furthermore, EPAM was named as one of Fortune’s 100 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2019, 2020.

The “Better Employment Opportunities” Program is initiated within the Workforce Development Program of the TEKWILL project, in partnership with StrategEast, USA, implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies from Moldova, with the support of development partners United States Agency for International Development and Sweden.