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New Investments for the Development of ATU Gagauzia. A Center of Excellence in IT will be created in Comrat based on the Tekwill model in Chisinau

New investments in the development of ATU Gagauzia! According to a Memorandum of Understanding between the Executive Committee of ATU Gagauzia and TEKWILL, in the region will be operated more investments in education and training of local workforce in the field of ICT, encouraging innovation-based business, stimulating competitiveness in the local business environment, but also creating a center of excellence in IT. The action is part of TEKWILL’s expansion commitment – an important project for the development of the Moldovan IT sector, implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Dereck J. Hogan, US Ambassador to Moldova: “The US Government, through the US Agency for International Development (USAID), has supported the development of Moldova’s IT sector since 2005, improving the competitiveness of Moldova’s economy, promoting transparency, and improving governance. And we are delighted that today, at Comrat, we are witnessing the birth of another promising partnership – this time with Invest Gagauzia – with the aim of creating a Tekwill center of excellence in Comrat. The United States is a dedicated partner of the Republic of Moldova. For the past thirty years, we have built our relationship on the basis of common interests and mutual aspirations. Today’s signing of the Memorandum of Understanding is another proof that we are successful together.”

Anna Lyberg, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova: “I am glad to see TEKWILL expand and offer opportunities throughout Moldova. The evolution of TEKWILL is a success story, and its expansion takes place due to a strong commitment of the people of Gagauzia, which certainly changes and shapes the future of the country. Sweden is grateful for the partnership with USAID. Together we support ATIC in becoming the strong and stable actor on ICT digitalisation and innovation stage of the country. TEKWILL is an impressive and important initiative in advancing towards the sustainable development goals.”

ICT Center of Excellence – to connect the community to ideas, resources, and industry

The ICT Center of Excellence will be located at the State University of Comrat and will open its doors to the general public this autumn. Within it, several events will be organized in order to encourage the use of technologies, programs for entrepreneurs, educational programs for training and extension of skills, which meet the needs of the private sector. Investments in equipping the Center of Excellence in IT will be made through the TEKWILL project, and the Gagauz authorities, one of the signatories of the Memorandum who have committed to build and renovate the center from their own sources.

Irina Vlah, Bashcan of Gagauzia: “This platform will be an important stage for the development of the IT sector in Gagauzia and we will focus on this project to have results, as soon as possible. I wish that in 2-3 years, we list, together with you, the technologies and IT solutions that have been developed here by talented young people who attended the courses offered by TEKWILL so we can strongly declare that Gagauzia is not just a simple technology user, but an IT technology provider. Special thanks to the development partners, USA and Sweden, for the support provided, without which the construction of this platform would have been a difficult project at this stage.”

Ana Chirița, ATIC strategic project director / TEKWILL project director: “The IT sector is constantly rising, and the impressive results obtained in recent years set the necessary premises for investments in the development of the sector at national level. We are sure that this center will become a catalyst for the development of the town. Comrat, but also of the other localities in the region. We will implement several programs dedicated to any age – pupils, students, teachers, young professionals, etc. – in order to expand development opportunities in the region and create the premises for connecting the talent and potential of human capital with the possibilities offered by national and local IT companies.”

The first beneficiaries of TEKWILL projects in the Gagauz region will be students and teachers in general education. From September 1, they will study the subjects of the future in “Tekwill in every school” – the most complex extracurricular course program. Thus, 37 schools in the region will be connected to the national network and will learn 6 optional courses in the optional classes on the platform. Several TEWKWILL programs to encourage entrepreneurship and IT training will be extended in the region until the end of this year, such as: Tekwill Academy, Tekwill Academy Kids, Startup Academy, Startup Moldova Digital Upgrade, and others.


Tekwill was created in 2017 as the Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main goal of aligning the field with the requirements of the 21st century. To continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded the current fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level. The basic objective of the Tekwill Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society members, but also the research and development potential of higher education institutions, in line with the demand on the IT market.


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