Issues that affect women around the World

Issues that affect women are in the attention of important publications!

The Covid-19 recession disproportionately affects women, BBC have related. The global economy is now in its worst downturn since the Great Depression. One of the unique aspects of the current recession is the way it’s impacting women. The pandemic recession has led to more job losses among women than among men. Many sectors of employment are vulnerable to lockdown measures. Some effects are already visible. In the US, unemployment has intensified the most for the personal care and food service occupations, where women predominate. Less-educated workers, and those whose jobs can’t be done from home, have faced higher unemployment as a result of the pandemic, for instance in Spain. (By Christine Ro, 27th October 2020, WORKLIFE, )

Women` risks to lose their position on labor market should not be sub estimated as their rights for equal opportunities are endangered in STEM sector. Getting more women into the workforce in ICT sector, as well as reducing earnings and occupational imbalances remains a priority in many advanced and emerging market economies. Thus, important reforms are needed to create a more equal world of opportunity for all, leaving no one behind.