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The first digital agricultural library was launched in the Republic of Moldova. The platform is intended for all representatives of the agricultural sector: farmers, young people studying specialities in agriculture, academia and members of the diaspora, who are interested in developing a business in agriculture in the country. With the help of the virtual library, interested parties will have access to reliable sources of information on innovative technologies in this field – guides, manuals developed by some of the best specialists in the country and abroad, publications and other valuable agricultural topics. The information sources available on the platform will help people in the field to acquire new skills, aligned with the needs of the sector. Agrobiznes created the first digital agricultural library in Moldova in partnership with the USAID APM project, as part of the call of the national program “Startup Moldova – Digital IMPACT “of the Tekwill project, funded by USAID and Sweden.

“By informing ourselves correctly and constantly learning, we evolve in any field. This is especially necessary in the agricultural sector, where any mistake costs significant time and resources for the producer. The Agrobiznes Library is a platform accessible to all in which valuable sources will be integrated – guides and manuals developed by some of the best specialists in the country and abroad. Each user will be able to download the necessary information and find similar publications depending on the chosen topic “, mentioned Luminita Crivoi, Agrobiznes Development Director.

“Even though the digitalisation of the agricultural sector brings many benefits, and a number of actions and tools are already being implemented, there are still many barriers to exploiting its full potential. One of these is the lack of expertise. Starting from the premises meant to bring together technologies and efficient agriculture, the ICT sector aligns with the needs of the agricultural sector. Thus, this library is an information and education platform for those who practice agriculture. The TEKWILL project will continue to get involved and support the strategic sectors of the country, to create new jobs, strengthen expertise in the field, but also to open doors to other related fields “, said Ana Chirita, director of the TEKWILL project.

The platform is a solid technological base, and other ways of presenting information will soon be available. According to official statistics, over 850,000 Moldovans work in agriculture, the sector generating about 13% of the country’s GDP. That’s why Agrobiznes, USAID APM and Tekwill funded by USAID-Sweden, support the digitization of agriculture and free online communication, as well as the exchange of knowledge, as the most effective way to ensure widespread access to research, study, experiment and of economic and sectoral activity.

About Digital IMPACT

Startup Moldova’s national program “Digital IMPACT” provides research and identification of problems in strategic sectors of the national economy and aims to provide real IT solutions for their development, which could subsequently have a major impact on independent business. These are solutions for process automation, improving business tools, facilitating the use of e-commerce and sales tools, etc., to be managed by industry associations. The program is part of the TEKWILL Project, implemented by the National Association of ICT Companies, with the financial support of the United States Agency for International Development and Sweden. “Tekwill” was created in 2017 as a Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main purpose of aligning the field with current market requirements. In order to continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded its fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at a national level, with the slogan “The revolution begins!”. The basic objective of the TEKWILL Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society, but also by increasing the research and development potential of education, in line with the demand in the IT market.

The library can be found on this link:


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