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Tekwill, now in Balti!

Tekwill Balti will soon open its doors to the entire IT community of Balti and the Northern region of Moldova. Pupils, students, professionals, public institutions and companies are invited to participate in creating the largest IT community in the region and to participate in the innovative programs and projects. With an area of 1000 m2, located in the heart of Balti, Tekwill offers visitors: 5 training rooms, 1 conference room, 2 community spaces, 6 coworking spaces and offices for all those interested and involved in IT.

Ana Chirița, ATIC Strategic Projects Director / TEKWILL Project Manager: “The rapid rise of the IT sector in recent years has led us to expand TEKWILL to the regions and develop the sector at national level. Together with partners in the northern region we will create development opportunities for the inhabitants of Balti and the nearby districts. In this way, we will connect human potential to existing IT companies to create a regional ecosystem and contribute to the country’s economic growth.”

“Tekwill Balti” is intended to support the expansion of the network of TEKWILL centres throughout Moldova, by developing educational and entrepreneurial content according to TEKWILL regulations, in line with local specificities, to develop the economic region by promoting partnerships between the private sector, academia, citizens, etc.


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