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“Tech Women Summit 2021” – The Most Important Event Dedicated to Girls and Women in the ICT Industry

The interest of girls and women in information technology is constantly growing, and many young women, even from school, participate in programs, courses and competitions, in order to more easily develop a career in IT. More attractive financial remuneration, the opportunity to work remotely and travel, the chances of working in foreign companies and gaining international experience are just some of the factors that determine girls and women to choose professions in the field. However, many women interested in IT face barriers, such as: stereotypes that IT is an industry dedicated to men, fear of failure or integration into a multi-male team, lack of knowledge of ICT disciplines, and others. According to statistics, in the Republic of Moldova, only a third of jobs in the IT field are occupied by women, of which only 19% have digital professions, relatively lower figures by 5 percent, compared to the number of women working in IT in countries like Romania or Bulgaria.

To highlight the talent and aspirations of girls and women seeking a career in IT, Tekwill, through its projects, has offered and offers girls and women career guidance courses, training, career opportunities, programs that include international experiences, work areas and an attractive and cooperative environment, being at the same time a platform of trust and encouragement for them to overcome barriers and assert themselves professionally.

In 2018, within the Tekwill project, the “Tech Women Moldova” platform was launched, which aims to train women in technology and bring together professional women to share their knowledge and best practices to motivate other girls and women to pursue a career in ICT.

The Tekwill project, funded by its partners – USAID and Sweden – supports and promotes women’s involvement in ICT, and over the years has launched and developed a number of initiatives, with 44 percent of their beneficiaries being women.

November 12 – “Tech Women Summit 2021” edition.

In order to encourage the exchange of experience and to provide IT professionals and future specialists in the field with a platform for communication and consolidation of the tech community, the Tekwill project, in partnership with Tech Women Moldova, launches the second edition of Tech Women Summit 2021”. The event is dedicated exclusively to girls and women who already have a fulfilling career in IT, to future professionals in the field, but also to all women who are interested in information technology. The summit will bring to the public special guests from abroad, who will talk about their path to success in the ICT industry, news in the field, training sessions and practical workshops on current topics in the field, but also a professional perspective on the direction of activity for all women who want a career affirmance.

Women with a name in the IT industry, managers who have demonstrated performance in their fields of activity, dedicated professionals and specialists from the country and abroad will inspire other girls and women to show courage, consistency and confidence in choosing a profession in the field of information technologies.

The second edition of “Tech Women Summit 2021” has taken place on November 12, in hybrid format. The event has included presentations, discussion and information panels, and several networking and interaction sessions in a friendly atmosphere and has been moderated by professionals working in IT companies in the country.

For more details about the event, follow the Facebook Tech Women Moldova  page and the Facebook page of the event – „Tech Women Summit 2021”. 

“Tech Women Summit 2021” was organized by the Tekwill project and “Tech Women Moldova”, with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Sweden, UN Women, but also private partners.

About Tech Women Moldova

“Tech Women Moldova” is a platform launched in 2018 with the support of the Tekwill project, funded by USAID and Sweden. The initiative aims to strengthen women’s knowledge of technology and bring professionals together to share their knowledge, best practices, but also to motivate other girls and women to pursue a career in IT.

Since February 2, 2021, “Tech Women Moldova” is a public association dedicated to attracting, supporting and promoting women in the field of ICT, to create the right conditions for their participation in the most dynamic industry of the present and future.

Currently, “Tech Women Moldova” has 16 active members involved in programs and events dedicated to girls and women.

For 2021, the Association aims to become the largest platform for girls and women in the tech industry, with a focus on events, exchange of experience and knowledge, mentoring programs, motivational conferences, and educational courses for more career opportunities, growth professionalism and affirmation in the field of ICT.


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