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Renewable Energy and Innovative Solutions: PowerTech Vertical Developed With Tekwill

The Tekwill project is committed to promoting the use and application of trans-industrial technologies based on the potential and strategic areas of Moldova such as FinTech, AgTech, PowerTech and MedTech. As a result, PowerTech Vertical was launched – an extensive program dedicated to entrepreneurs who develop solutions for the field of renewable energy. It is a platform that connects different players in the industry and creates bridges for the development of research and innovation. The vertical includes several programs designed to ensure the integration of technologies in the field of sustainable energy, including a laboratory created at the Technical University of Moldova, with the support of the TEKWILL project, supported by USAID and Sweden.

John Riordan, Deputy Head of the USAID Moldova Mission: “Renewable energy and energy efficiency are two of the development objectives of the Republic of Moldova, and we at USAID believe that through the efficient use of renewable energy we will ensure accelerated development of the country. USAID encourages private sector partnerships to choose and promote environmentally friendly technologies and thus develop new business practices and make investments that will mitigate risks. The Technical University of Moldova together with Tekwill created the PowerTech Laboratory – a vertical that supports a group of companies with activities focused on the tech and energy sectors. The laboratory’s work will focus on modernizing curricula and educational materials, studying the latest digital trends in global IT and creating opportunities for IT and non-IT development. ”

Madelene Eichhorn, Program Manager, Swedish Embassy in Moldova:Sustainable development and the use of renewable energy are strategic objectives of Sweden. Sweden is involved and dedicated to sustainable transformation and is ready to share its national expertise. The use of renewable energy can bring excellent results in all sectors of the country, whether we are talking about a circular economy, innovative and sustainable technologies or a sustainable environment. The merger of the IT sector with the energy sector will create significant potential for the country’s further development. We are happy to be part of this digital development project and to provide training and technological equipment to support teachers, students and other beneficiaries directly involved. ”

PowerTech Lab

“PowerTech Lab” is a laboratory designed to provide an environment conducive to the development of unique and innovative products in this field. It is located at the Technical University of Moldova (78 31 august 1989 Street, Block 2). “Power Tech Lab” reproduces, to a lesser extent, the environment within the Tekwill Center, stimulating the promotion of research and exploration of ICT opportunities, giving participants the opportunity to develop their own concepts. The laboratory is equipped with advanced equipment, which allows both startups and students training and testing in the field of sustainable energy. The laboratory aims to capitalize on the most important soft or hard assets of the university, thus contributing to the modernization of the curriculum and to the increase of the qualification of the targeted departments.

Ana Chirita, director of the TEKWILL project / ATIC Strategic Projects Director:In the coming years, the skills deficit will increase in parallel with the development of the industry, and education must be aligned, in order to cope with these developments. To achieve this goal, we set out to support universities in developing the capacity to apply the technologies of the future. This laboratory offers several necessary opportunities for innovation, business development and the generation of useful solutions, both nationally and, why not, internationally. Its establishment will help expose students to global best practices and the latest technologies. A great advantage is the fact that the laboratory is located within the university, which creates a technical environment and offers students the opportunity to develop products, along with incubation and acceleration programs.

Viorel Bostan, rector of the Technical University of Moldova: Of course we have had projects related to sustainable energy so far, but this time, we will bring new materials, modern equipment and, directly, skills and knowledge that will add value to the content and opportunities offered by TUM. The launch of such projects as PowerTech Lab, in which we have the freedom to create and innovate in the education system, brings a dose of motivation and desire for knowledge and development. PowerTech Lab is the place to learn, fail and try again and build ideas that will change the world. ”

Moldova Power Accelerator

Within the vertical “Power Tech” is organized a dedicated accelerator – “Moldova Power Accelerator”, in which 6 local startups in the field of environmental technologies will develop their services and products. For 10 weeks, the newly launched businesses will have expertise, mentoring and guidance from international experts from the DEX Innovation Center in the Czech Republic, but also from experts from the Republic of Moldova, to scale their business.

“Academy of Design”, “Phoenix Technologies”, “Uniqa Wall Systems”, “Scandinavian Smart House”, “Olegnegru” and “Vertical Wind Turbines” – are the startups that participate in the accelerator, developing innovative products, services and solutions, such as:

  • developing a sustainable design for green buildings, offering more energy efficiency and reducing carbon emissions;
  • consolidation of renewable energy;
  • construction of prefabricated houses, energy efficient, with solar panels, which are assembled in no more than a week, with zero waste;
  • construction of ecological houses, from project – to turnkey;
  • solar energy generation solutions;
  • solutions for building vertical turbines, in order to maximize the efficiency of the natural wind, thus generating more energy.


With the support of USAID and Sweden, “Tekwill” was created in 2017 as a Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova with the main purpose of aligning the field with current market requirements. Aiming to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center expanded its fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level, with the slogan “The revolution begins!”
The basic objective of the TEKWILL Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country, by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society, but also by increasing the research and development potential of educational institutions, in line with the demand in the IT market.


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