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Moldova Startup Week 2020 is the most important event dedicated to local startups that provides many opportunities and benefits. Taking place between November 16-20, it will include a series of interesting events and options for current and potential entrepreneurs with innovative ideas.

For five days, participants will have access to a variety of workshops, information on potential sources of funding and acceleration programs, launch entrepreneurial initiatives, exchange experience with other startups in various fields, and meetings with potential investors. International guests with extensive experience from failure to success in developing startups will be in the spotlight to share their success stories with participants.

Also, during Moldova Startup Week 2020 the country policies and actions to be taken for the development of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Moldova will be presented. The event will facilitate the constructive dialogue for the development of the economy based on technology and innovation, the application of international trends, creating several opportunities for local startups.

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“Gov4Startups” – November 16

The official opening of Moldova Startup Week 2020 will kick off with a session focused on government where several topics will be discussed about the legal framework, international ecosystem development models, dedicated programs and funding platforms, as well as other actions to stimulate local entrepreneurship related to technologies and innovations. Together with the public authorities this panel will be attended by local and international experts as well as development partners. The first day’s program will be complemented by two more panel discussions on how the private and public sectors collaborate with universities in the country to encourage the development of innovation. In parallel, the XY organization will conduct a workshop with local startups where they will discuss the steps to follow in preparing for pitches to catch the attention of potential investors. By the end of the day participants will learn about programs and opportunities from which local startups may benefit.

Startup Showcase” – November 17

Local startups will be presented to the general public giving students, freelancers, employees, and digital enthusiasts an opportunity to become familiar with the most popular startups in the country. Many business founders who have an open mind and the courage to overcome barriers will present their success stories. Participants will have the opportunity to listen to motivational speeches but also learn practical advice on how to go from an idea to a business. Also, on this day, the results of the online voting of the best local startup chosen by the general public through an application will be presented.

Matching Day” – November 18

This day will include a day full of online sessions that will connect startups with mentors, accelerators, and investors to work together to improve future initiatives. Participants will have the opportunity to present their products to potential customers, to collect feedback and suggestions, to establish connections with other members of the local community of startups. They will also participate in practical workshops, where they will learn how to “sell” their business or ideas to investors. The workshops will take place offline and will be held behind closed doors.

Vertical Day” – November 19

This day will include several events dedicated to innovations in various fields such as Winetech, AgTech, MedTech, EdTch, and Fintech. These are the areas that will be discussed in online interest groups and where participants will learn more relevant innovative practices and digital solutions from local and international experts.

Corporate Innovations Day” – November 20

The last day of the event will be dedicated to corporate innovations. Professionals from the management of some referenced companies in the tech field will share details behind the roles and importance of innovations in their business and how they are created and implemented in their daily work.

Moldova Startup Week is a Techstars event, which takes place in over 50 countries around the world. It is carried out within the entrepreneurial communities to bring together relevant people in building the entrepreneurial ecosystem, from representatives of the public administration, future entrepreneurs, investors, and support organizations. “Techstars Startup Week” is organized by Startup Moldova with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden in the Tekwill Project.


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