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Natural Language Processing Camp

April 5, 2021 @ 6:00 pm

Humans are considered to be social species, and therefore, our sole existence and progression are based on interaction with other people. Our prime method of communication is the basic linguistic skills we develop throughout the years, the skills which have consistently helped us elevate among societies.
In time, languages have evolved to such extent of complexity that even supercomputers have struggled to comprehend us.
That basically served as an incentive for Natural Language Processing subfield of Artificial Intelligence to be created. NLP is the sphere concerned with linguistic interaction between computers and humans that allows the mutual understanding in large amounts of texts, working on such applications as Speech Recognition, Text Summarisation, Machine Translation, Text Generation, later being applied as personal assistants, spam/hate speech detectors, text auto-correctors, etc.
Since NLP is crucial in the text era we are currently living in, Sigmoid urges each and everyone to take part in the upcoming Natural Language Processing Camp. NLP Camp is an online 2 month Bootcamp where participants will learn to build a machine learning application based on NLP. During the Camp, analyze, preprocess, and generate ML models on text data. Workshops will let you acquire skills in:
– NLP Intro & text data
– NLTK and textstat
– Regular expressions
– Data Preparation and Representation
– Machine Learning on text data
For the people not familiar with Python programming language there will be 2 workshops on:
– Python: functional programming
– Python: OOP
NLPC starts on the 5th of April, at 18:00 and will be held in Romanian. Everyone interested is welcome to apply by completing this form:
NLPC is organized by Sigmoid, powered by Tekwill and supported by USAID, Sweden Sverige


April 5, 2021
6:00 pm
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