Women Hub

With the support of external development partners, within the frame of this project, Women Hub was created – a space to support girls and women in developing a career in IT, which includes workrooms and events dedicated to the field, but also spaces for mothers with young children to promote social inclusion and to give them equal opportunities in the exercise of intellectual abilities. A fully dedicated Women Corner within the new iHub Green aims to attract and provide facilities to future women entrepreneurs.


iHUB has successfully implemented and opened the first part of the long-term iHUB Green project, which also includes the first Women’s Hub. The reorganization of the iHUB space and services was based on the educational, professional, and personal needs of women: entrepreneurs, mothers, young professionals, IT and outside this industry. 

The women’s hub aims to support and develop women’s potential through well-developed and equipped infrastructure, connecting women to various communities, access to the business and entrepreneurship ecosystem, as well as various educational programs. 

Since the opening of the first facility, iHUB Green and Women Hub have been successfully promoting this space as friendly to women for various needs, be they educational, networking, or professional activity. Girls and women can turn to Women Hub for space, infrastructure, and community either to develop and act independently or for our and the community’s support. Therefore, this space model has proved effective and necessary for the support and development of Moldovan girls and women and the fight against gender inequality and opportunities. We plan to extend the development of iHUB Green and Women Hub by continuing to expand infrastructure and programs tailored to the needs of girls and women.


The hub also hosts the IT and women’s communities such as: TechWomen Ambassadors, WeMatch, Izzara, Code4Moldova. They benefit from the services and support of the Women Hub to carry out their activity.