Private initiatives to engage
Women freelancers and entrepreneurs

ATIC selected 2 initiatives: Izarra Community and that are focused on capacity building of women driven initiatives aiming to build awareness that information and communication technologies are the tools that enable gender equality and women’s empowerment and are integral of building societies, in which both women and men can substantially contribute and participate. 


Izarra Community is an online B2B that provides business information about private and public companies developed by women. The platform aims to prove that despite all the ingrained misconceptions, women are great entrepreneurs and business partners who can assure quality competition on the business market.

KIDDO is a platform that connects parents with babysitters, for occasional, short-term services, selected from close range, to offer them quick help at the right price. The application allows the user to choose the region and the important criteria to which the babysitter corresponds; browse through profiles, read other parents’ reviews, and choose the right babysitter to book the necessary babysitting hours later.