is a group of Moldovan companies which provides online services, events and animation (the largest computer graphics and animation studio in Moldova).

The company owns some of the most visited sites on the Moldnet, such as,,, etc. The area coverage of Simpals’ portals reaches almost 60% of the Moldovan internet. The main areas of focus of Simpals are the development of Internet portals and services, online advertising, animation, the development of amateur sports in the country, diversification of the cultural and social life of the country, as well as developments based on digital innovation.

Online learning platform for the development of education Implementation of the studii Edu with the platform will allow the schools from Moldova fully to switch educational sector to the online environment!

The first online learning platform in Moldova that brings together teachers, students and their parents, making the learning process more effective.

The project`s aim is the digitalization of the education sector and is based on the idea of translating the training system into an accessible and convenient online format for everyone, offering the following opportunities:

– International organizations, local associations could publish created courses and give access to users;

– Private companies can train employees faster and better;

– Elementary and high education institutions can add online courses for blended  education to make educational process more efficient and interesting;

– Companies that provide training courses online to cover bigger target groups

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The functionality of the project covers several aspects:

– organize an electronic diary with homework and students’      attendance, including the marks confirming the level of  achievement;

-the electronic register for teachers with the functionality of a       traditional diary, accessing homework      and topics for each lesson;

– lesson schedule, both for each student and for the teacher;

– the analysis of the student’s success at any time of the half-year;

– personal page for each student;



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