Tekwill in Comrat

The ICTEC will fill the industry gap with education activities, support services, and a state-of-the-art technological environment.  This center will represent a combination of best educational practices and latest technologies aimed to help students, industry specialists and the population in ATU Gagauzia to acquire the necessary IT skills and develop new ICT driven products and ideas. 

The ICTEC will help create a learning and entrepreneurial ecosystem for ICT industry development and further its competitiveness. This will contribute to growing innovation, more and better paid jobs, improved living for Moldovan people. ATU Gagauzia local authorities are willing to invest 5 M lei into physical infrastructure, therefore Tekwill is exploring to share its knowledge and provide further technical assistance in this sense.

The ICT Center of Excellence will be located at Comrat State University and will open its doors to the general public this fall. It will organize several events to promote the use of technology, entrepreneurship programs, IT education and training programs that meet the needs of the private sector. Investments in equipping the Center of Excellence in the field of IT will be carried out within the TEKWILL project, and the authorities of Gagauzia, one of the signatories to the Memorandum, have undertaken to build and renovate the center at their own expense.

On March 5th, 2021, a Memorandum of Understanding with local authorities for the establishment of Tekwill-type center in Comrat was signed.

Tekwill News in Comrat

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Noi investiții pentru dezvoltarea UTA Găgăuzia. La Comrat va fi creat un Centru de excelență în IT după modelul Tekwill din Chișinău

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Workforce Development Initiatives Comrat

As part of the regional expansion, Tekwill project committed to piloting Tekwill Academy courses, along with other project’s programs, ensuring that the content is adjusted to the regional context in terms of price, target, and relevance. Based on the market assessment of similar services and service providers in the region, the local customer base and their financial capacity, Tekwill Workforce Development Program team identified a series of programs that can be launched in the region and become accessible to the local workforce from Comrat. The identified programs are the following: 

  • Microsoft Office for All, 
  • Intro in Project Management, 
  • Cybersecurity Essentials, 
  • IT Essentials, 
  • Fundamentals of Programming.

On May 27, 2021, Tekwill Project, via Tekwill Academy Program, in partnership with Invest Gagauzia representatives, organized the official event which marked the launching of a promising collaboration between Chisinau and Comrat aimed to develop the skills needed in the ICT sector. 

The launch event will provide insight on the Tekwill and Tekwill Academy’s intervention in the region and increase the visibility of the planned programs in the near future in the region, including a call to action addressed to the local population to involve in the training initiatives.