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Tekwill Innovative Teacher Gala: Diplomas of Excellence and High-Performance Laptops for Teachers “Tekwill in Every School”

       High-performance technique and Diplomas of Excellence for the successes obtained! 9 teachers won the title of “Innovative Tekwill Teacher”, and the other teachers, members of the “Tekwill in Every School” community, received Certificates of Excellence attesting to the knowledge gained and high-performance laptops to teach the subjects of the future. The “Tekwill Innovative Teacher Gala” is a recognition of the enormous work, perseverance, motivation and interest that teachers put into making the teaching process at the highest level. The “Tekwill Innovative Teacher Gala” was organized by the “Tekwill in Every School” project, implemented by TEKWILL, within the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), with the financial support of external development partners – USAID Moldova, Sweden, EU4Moldova and UNDP Moldova.

Teachers from the center of the country who participated in the “Tekwill in Every School” continuing education program this summer were awarded diplomas confirming their skills, with support and encouragement to continue teaching the subjects of the future. The best projects that the teachers did at the end of the training program were presented to the whole community at the festive event. In total, 590 teachers from 234 schools benefited from the complex training sessions and mentoring programs, and as a result approximately 20,000 students, aged between 13 and 19, will study one of the 6 optional courses of the program.

Pavel Cerbusca, professor, Theoretical Lyceum “Aristotel”, Chisinau:
"As a teacher of history, I understood that information technologies are necessary not only to teach the professions of the future, but also to learn digital skills, which are necessary in daily activity. Through the "Tekwill in Every School" program we make a quality change in the education system in the country. I was happy to get involved in preparing children to use digital tools, but also to develop new skills. ”

Maria Cotelea, mathematics teacher, Theoretical Lyceum “Mihail Sadoveanu” from Calarasi district:
“I accepted the challenge with open arms, because I did not see a more courageous change in the schools in the rural localities. On my own initiative I registered in the program, colleagues supported me and got involved, this year I participated in the program for the second time, and together with the students, I created a logo and a presentation site. "We tend to share these values with our students.”

High-performance laptops include licensed software and of latest generation. All to modernize the educational process and to bring education closer to technology and digitalization. Computers will also facilitate access to the e-learning platform, which has interactive digital content, videos, presentations and online tests for courses.

Tatiana Alexeev, Tekwill in Every School Project Manager:
“A total of 390 teachers across the country will benefit from high-performance laptops to teach the subjects of the future. Our goal is to provide all the resources for digital education to be achieved at the highest level, and for students to be as prepared as possible to later choose a career in IT. Moreover, throughout the year of study, teachers also benefit from the expertise of a mentor, being supported to integrate innovative methods of teaching and learning in the classroom.”

“Tekwill in every school” aims to transform education in the Republic of Moldova, both by developing interactive digital content and by introducing new teaching methodologies in the learning process within educational institutions. And, in the long run, the initiative has the mission to enhance the human capital of the Republic of Moldova and to raise a generation of people to create at home, in Moldova, products and services that respond to national and global socio-economic challenges.

Veaceslav Cunev, President of the National Association of ICT Companies:
“Teachers in general education institutions in the country are the ones who educate and train future entrepreneurs. For this reason, we thank each of them for their ambition, interest and courage in studying the professions of the future and then teaching them to the students. After about 600 teachers have attended professional teaching courses, we are convinced that the interest in IT among students will increase considerably. Moreover, this year, even though it is considered a pandemic one, we managed to open 20 digital laboratories in schools in the country. We are committed to continuing this initiative and to having such offices in every educational institution in the country.”

The authorities also support the digitization of industries and the development of ICT skills. The initiative also enjoys the support of the Ministry of Education and Research.

Iurie Turcanu, Prime Minister on Digitalization:
“Innovation is the engine of change, and change starts on the school benches. In a world that is constantly changing, where everyone needs digital skills, education through innovation is the safest method of development. In their position, teachers have a great responsibility: to educate new generations, to stimulate creativity, to model characters, but also systems of values and beliefs among the new generation. Rather, innovative teachers are the ones who influence education, who through their attitude manage to make the school more attractive and change the traditional system, adapting it to the requirements and trends adapted to the time.”

The “Tekwill in Every School” program is implemented by the TEKWILL project, within the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC), with the financial support of external development partners – USAID Moldova, Sweden, EU4Moldova and UNDP Moldova.

Katarina Fried, Ambassador of Sweden to the Republic of Moldova:
“Currently, Tekwill in Every School is a successful national project, which contributes to the creation of an innovative and welcoming climate, where any idea can flourish. On the occasion of this ceremony, we salute and celebrate the special people who had the right visions and initiatives to create timely connections between people, computers and learning. It is also important to promote gender equality in science and technology. We support the idea and determination to be the promoters of change and the thirst for knowledge in every school.”

Scott Hocklander, USAID Mission Director to Moldova:
“We strongly believe that supporting the younger generation in the development of digital skills will better prepare them for the professions of the future and ensure home in Moldova the dream jobs from abroad. We want to bring growth and digital opportunities to every corner of the country, improve the quality of the workforce, and share knowledge and experience in the digital segment. It is obvious that the IT industry is growing rapidly and all the best opportunities, the biggest companies are concentrated there, looking for smart, inventive and ambitious young people.”

Boris Filipov, EU4Moldova:
“Digital transformation is a priority for the EU in the coming years. The crisis we have faced so far has directly demonstrated the need for digitalization, especially in education. One of the European Union's goals for digital transformation is to increase the number of IT professionals. This involves acquiring digital knowledge from school. We are glad that we had the opportunity to support the "Tekwill in every school" project and that we offered teachers the opportunity to learn and teach many of the jobs of the future.”

In December 2021, another 200 teachers who are part of the “Tekwill in Every School” program benefited from high-performance laptops to teach optional subjects in schools across the country.

“Tekwill in every school” is committed to having more than 90% of high schools across the country by 2024. The courses taught in this initiative are placed on an eLearning platform – – which is intended for teachers and high school students, and up to now, over 20,000 students from 7-12 grades have already registered. Each course includes 34 lessons, which allows them to be studied during an academic year, and each weekly lesson includes educational resources such as digital text, video, simulation exercises, interactive assessment tests, and for promotion it needs to be developed and a final project.


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