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Tekwill Academy: Employment Assistance Program

Tekwill Academy offers graduates of its programs employment assistance after completing any course taken at the academy. In this sense, several partnerships have been established with local and international IT companies, to facilitate the employment of young specialists in the labor field. Throughout the 5 years of activity, Tekwill Academy managed to become one of the most important providers of educational services in the field of IT in Moldova, a status obtained through close collaboration relations with the IT industry and the organization’s ability to generate suitable educational programs market needs.

The assistance program includes several stages:

  1. Consultations with the Customer Success department to identify the training program that best fits the candidate’s current background and desired outcome
  2. Enrollment in the course or set of courses required to obtain the job in the IT field in Moldova or abroad, to which the candidate aspire.
  3. Consulting and training for the preparation of the CV, but also the necessary preparation for the job interview
  4. Registration of CVs on the Tekwill Academy platform, to identify new opportunities
  5. Arranging interviews with potential employers or companies that provide job and internship opportunities.

Among the employment partners are important companies from the local and international IT market, such as: Allied Testing, Code Factory, Gilat Satellite Networks, Stefanini and others.

Tekwill Academy is an IT specialist training program and career guidance. It facilitates the integration of new professionals into the labor market, depending on their individual talents and the real needs of employers. In the process of obtaining a profession with the help of Tekwill Academy, it ensures the quality and topicality of the knowledge obtained, in accordance with the current labor market trends, so that each participant obtains the necessary knowledge to find a job that is really in demand in the field. So far, approximately 9,000 young people have benefited from the courses and workshops organized within the program.


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