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Technological Entrepreneurship in Supporting Digitization of Medicine

Digital technologies can improve access to health services, reduce costs, increase the quality of healthcare and increase the efficiency of health systems. In order to facilitate the cooperation between the field of information technologies and that of medicine, the TEKWILL project, the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) and the State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” signed a Memorandum of Understanding. It lays the foundations for a successful collaboration to develop the “Medtech Vertical 2021” – a comprehensive program designed to increase the opportunities of the ICT sector, promote digital education in the medical sector, support innovation and technological health services. The partnership comes in the context in which the COVID-19 pandemic reconfirmed the potential of technological entrepreneurship to diversify medical services and facilitate access or communication for healthcare professionals.

Ana Chirita, TEKWILL Project Director: “Digital technologies bring added value in any field of activity, especially in the field of medicine. We have before us a great opportunity to develop the medical system in the Republic of Moldova and to make it more efficient in the context of the new normality, when the use and involvement of information technologies has become a necessity. “Medtech Vertical 2021” comes to help the collaboration between all actors and find a connection: on the one hand - in detecting the problems facing the field of medicine and public health, and on the other - in providing relevant IT solutions to change the way in which these services are provided to the society.“

Emil Ceban, rector of USMF "Nicolae Testemitanu": “We consider that signing this Memorandum will substantially contribute to the promotion of digital education among all members of the university community, as well as to the development of capacities to integrate digital innovations in the process of university, post university training and continuous medical education, in scientific research activity, in providing specialized medical services in other forms of university activity, with beneficial repercussions on the training process of future medical specialists and pharmacists, as well as the entire health system in the country ”.

Stanislav Groppa, vice-rector for research activity USMF “Nicolae Testemitanu”: Today's event is part of the series of measures implemented within USMF "N. Testemitanu" to implement the provisions of the Strategy for strengthening the field of research and innovation for the period 2020-2030, adopted by the Senate a year ago. Certainly, the implementation of digital technologies in the process of education and research in our University is an imperative of the time and will ultimately favor the increase of the quality of the medical act in the Republic of Moldova. We are interested, together with the representatives of the IT sector, to develop digital solutions based on scientific evidence and data, which will support medical staff and population”.

According to the Memorandum, its signatories aim to develop a series of joint educational programs for the upgrading of medicine, to connect the IT sector to the medical sector, to implement initiatives to create new opportunities, but also to strengthen USMF’s capacity to integrate digital innovations in education.

What are the provisions of the Memorandum?

In this context, the university will contribute to the implementation of educational and entrepreneurial programs, to be carried out by the TEKWILL project, to provide support for updating the curriculum developed within the project, to support the creation of programs dedicated to Medtech and the concept of E-health. In turn, the university will encourage teachers in continuing education to increase their ICT skills and adapt to the current needs of the labour market, as well as supporting public-private initiatives in the field of digital education and career guidance.

According to the document, the National Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) will provide assistance and advice in developing and organizing training courses, workshops, and other educational and training projects. The institution will promote innovation and applied research projects in the field of innovation and technology transfer by encouraging private sector participation in educational activities, research and product development. Likewise, ATIC has undertaken to contribute to the strengthening of the IT entrepreneurial culture at USMF and develop new updated courses or training programs that meet the needs of the industry at local, regional, national and international levels.

Veaceslav Cunev, President of the ATIC Council: “The integration of information technologies in programs from the field of medicine can significantly improve the provision of health services. The partnership comes to reaffirm our commitment to promote ICT in different spheres of society, because technologies can scale industries, giving them added value. Through joint efforts and the contribution of university representatives, we will develop the ICT sector and the convergence between IT and medicine, in order to have a stimulating impact for the entire national economy.”

International partners support the development of technological entrepreneurship.

At present, all sectors are fundamentally re-evaluating their approach, seeking to apply digital innovation, oriented to the needs of society. Thus, certain areas can benefit significantly and can be transformed with the help of information technologies. Encouraging technological entrepreneurship for the development of different sectors is also among the priorities of the TEKWILL project, supported by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

Anna Lyberg, Swedish Ambassador in the Republic of Moldova: “The integration of information technologies in the field of medicine can contribute to providing opportunities for the development of services and products in this industry, improving the national economy. Sweden supports sectoral collaboration between representatives of traditional and IT industries, innovation and entrepreneurship, who have demonstrated that they have the capacity to generate solutions that improve living conditions.”

Scott Hocklander, mission Director of USAID in Moldova: “Difficult times require advanced solutions. We believe that the medical system can quickly transform from a traditional sphere into a technology-based sector, capable of providing quality digital services and solutions. USAID supports Moldova's development potential by improving education and entrepreneurship in the field of IT. Today's position of Moldova presents an important opportunity to help the medical system grow, and progress begins with innovative digital education.”


With the support of USAID and Sweden, “Tekwill” has been created in 2017 as the Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main goal of aligning the field with the requirements of the 21st century. To continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded its current fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level. The basic objective of the TEKWILL Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society members, but also the research and development potential of higher education, in line with the demand in the IT market


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