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TALENTS FOR MOLDOVA: Mobility and career advancement for ICT students and graduates between Slovakia and Moldova

ATIC is the leading self-organized association in the area of ICT that represents over 80 companies, with over 9000 employees in Moldova.

On 4th August 2021, ATIC Strategic Project Director, Ana Chirita and multiple projects coordinator Irina Oriol had a bilateral meeting with Ingrid Brockova, Slovak State Secretary of Foreign Affairs, based on cooperative relationships, aiming to foster knowledge exchange, and to build talent and create a partnership bridge between the two states.

The main objective of the meeting was the development of the ICT Human capital through knowledge exchange between Slovakia and Moldova ICT sector, and ultimately transferring highly sought-after knowledge and expertise to the Moldovan ICT sector.

As a result, the creation of one talent incubator “Talents for Moldova: Mobility and Career Advancement for ICT Students and Graduates between Slovakia and Moldova” had been initiated in frame of the meeting.

The program is to be established to support the UTM – Universitatea Tehnica a Moldovei increase its capacity to grow talent and provide ready for employment personnel for the private sector, including women and girls in the ICT sector in Moldova.

Over 32 months, the project proposes to pursue a triple win: enabling Moldovan participants to strengthen their social capital and acquire new skills in a stimulating work environment.

The mentioned development assistance will be implemented with European Migration Agency from Slovakia, National Digital Coalition of Slovakia with the support of the Mobility Partnership Facility (EU).

Orange Moldova also supported the project.



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