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Scouting for DIASPORA – Be Involved in Moldova’s Startup Ecosystem, even Abroad

Startup Moldova is looking for active members of the Moldovan startup ecosystem, who live abroad. It is vital to recognize, promote and collaborate with startups from our country, wherever they are in the world, to develop the local community and provide access to valuable knowledge and experiences from our fellow citizens.

At the same time, through the activities with Startup Moldova, the members of the Diaspora can become trainers, mentors, investors, and experts, who will actively contribute to the growth of the ecosystem from where they also started their activity.

So, here are some simple steps to get involved in Startup Moldova activities:

Registrate in the database.

Participate in the Diaspora – Networking meetup (will take place at the end of April)

Subscribe – Telegram ChanelFacebookInsta, ClubHouse (Startup Moldova)

Participate or be Speaker at Shared Breakfast – About Shared Breakfast

Get involved in the Startup Club

* Format: brainstorming club, we created and united a community of entrepreneurs, where people help each other solve their business problems in a brainstorming format.  During one meeting we analyse 2 cases, each for half an hour.

Webinars – Become a speaker, share your experience and impact with the community.

Join the local Startup Ecosystem through a Screening Interview.

Diaspora members have already participated in many Startup Moldova activities, such as Startup Week Moldova, Webinars, Shared Breakfasts and more. Among the active members of the community are Sergiu Nagailic and Nicoleta NagailicVasile Granaci , Xenia MunteanOleg Ciubotaru and the list goes on, and we intend to complete it.

If you are part of the Moldovan startup ecosystem, but you are also a member of the Diaspora, fill in this form to register your name in the local community. At the same time, if you have met someone from the Diaspora who can get involved in the ecosystem, do not hesitate to send them a registration link.

The introduction of the Diaspora in local activities is a Tekwill Entrepreneurship (Startup Moldova) Community – Be great Together! Who is Tekwill: Tekwill is where people, community, ideas, resources, science and industry come together to identify, facilitate and enhance excellence in information technology. Leads the Moldovan ecosystem as a main connector and network facilitator, organizing and supporting local and regional technology-related events.

For more details write an email to or on the facebook page Startup Moldova.


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