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More Opportunities for the FinTech Field! A New Hub Will Be Created In Chisinau

In order to impel the development of technologies in the financial field, to ensure quality FinTech education and to stimulate the emergence of technological startups, a specialized hub will be created within the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM). In this regard, the representatives of the National Association of ICT Companies signed on Wednesday, August 11, a Cooperation Agreement with the representatives of ASEM. The action is part of the commitment to support the FinTech field within the TEKWILL project, implemented with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and Sweden.

The main purpose of the agreement is to integrate this hub into the overall context of national development strategies and programs, enhancing the entrepreneurial and educational capacity, as well as the research and development potential of higher education institutions in line with industry needs.

Ana Chirita, Strategic Projects Director of ATIC: “FinTech is a growing field, as evidenced by the involvement of financial companies, but also startups in the field within Vertical FinTech 2021 program. Therefore, we want to offer more and more opportunities to the community, by creating a modern space where the scientific research in the field, education and innovation shall be improved. Thus, we will contribute to the growth of digital solutions for the accessibility and efficiency of the financial industry in Moldova. ”

FinTech Hub will be a platform for stimulating digital creativity, technological innovation and growth in the ICT sector, enhanced by involving all stakeholders in the public, academic, business and development sectors. As part of the TEKWILL project, the center will help increase FinTech’s attractiveness in the regional context by creating high-quality, well-paid jobs and discouraging the emigration of talented young people.

By creating this hub, ATIC and ASEM join forces to strengthen collaborations between IT and financial companies, develop connections between higher education institutions with those in the banking-financial and IT sector and promote the alignment of ICT education with labor market requirements.

Grigore Belostecinic, rector of ASEM:“Finteh Hub will complete the current elements of educational infrastructure in the field of IT and business, already existing in ASEM, such as the IT4BA Incubator, ASEM Business Incubator, ASEM Business Center, etc. and will be made available to both ASEM students and teachers as well as to the representatives of environmental businesses, public institutions, the general public, interested in this important field of activity in a society increasingly based on information and knowledge, which is constantly changing. I am convinced that it will please those interested in the activities that will take place within the Center, and the initiation of this collaboration with the National Association of ICT Companies will be a good start for the joint promotion of other equally interesting projects. ”

The priority objectives of the partnership include: encouraging and supporting technological events, creating favorable investment tools, affiliating with international hubs, enabling girls and women to participate in FinTech educational programs, creating an innovative infrastructure and supporting companies that develop new applications and digital products for the financial industry.

The students, teachers, FinTech and ICT companies, but also companies from other areas of the private sector shall be among the main beneficiaries of the project. They will benefit from training, mentoring and entrepreneurship programs. They will also be able to obtain free or reduced certifications and support in creating technology startups. At the same time, they will disseminate information, FinTech products and will have various growth opportunities in the field.


Tekwill has been created in 2017 as the Center of Excellence of the ICT sector in Moldova, with the main goal of aligning the field with the requirements of the 21st century. o continue to contribute to increasing the competitiveness of the IT industry and other strategic sectors of the economy, the center has expanded the current fields of activity, becoming in 2019 a complex project at national level. The basic objective of the Tekwill Project, as a platform dedicated to the progress of the IT sector, is to ensure a major impact on the economic development of the country by improving the entrepreneurial and educational capacities of society members, but also the research and development potential of higher education institutions, in line with the demand on the IT market.


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