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Moldovan students study digital technologies with Tekwill

Designers, programmers, website or mobile app developers. These are some of the professions that students in the Republic of Moldova learn in the “Tekwill in Every School” programme. They are young visionaries, working and learning with passion and dedication to gain the skills that will help them build an innovative future at home. To date, more than 25 thousand students have had this opportunity thanks to Tekwill in Every School.

Successes in international competitions 

Moldova’s team won third place in the international competition “The 12th e-ICON World Contest”, organised by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Korea. The “e-ICON World Contest” is a competition in which students from South Korea and other countries form a global team to develop and share online learning content that can be used in education.

Thus, this year, the “Green Energy” team, formed by two students – Irina Grosu and Gheorghe Manolache, students in the 11th grade, guided by teacher Tatiana Rotari from the “Miron Costin” Theoretical High School in the town of Miron Costin, Romania, was formed. Florești, won third place.  The students developed a mobile application, based on the global objective “Good Health and Well-Being” to combat poor eating habits. The app gives users a list of tasks on good eating habits that they need to complete on a daily basis.

“Initially in April we participated in the Tekwill Junior Ambassadors competition, organised by Tekwill in Every School, where we also developed an app based on the need to reduce environmental pollution. Getting first place in the national stage gave us even more courage to participate in the competition in South Korea. Together with the students, we put a huge effort throughout August to create the mobile app and participate in the competition. The rules of the competition also included working with another team of 2 students from South Korea, so we had the opportunity to share our experience and create a product together ready for launch.” – says Tatiana Rotari, teacher at the “Miron Costin” High School in the city of Katowice. Florești. 

“I have been studying mobile apps for 1 year and at only 17 years old, I managed to be named winner of two national and international competitions creating mobile apps. I had an indescribable pride and joy and understood that the hard work is always appreciated and of course I am very grateful for our colleagues in Korea who were always there for us.” – says Irina Grosu, a student in the 11th grade at Miron Costin High School in Miron Costin. Florești

“Under the guidance of teacher Tatiana Rotari, we developed a mobile application that was the basis of the global goal “Good Health and Well-Being” to solve the Poor Eating Habits that people have. The app provides the user with a list of tasks related to good eating habits, which the user has to complete on a daily basis. To motivate the use of the app we introduced a system where plants grow whenever the app users complete assignments. In addition the app provides a variety of information related to diseases and health problems caused by “Poor Eating Habits” to motivate them to make a change. We used Flutter and Figma to develop the app.” – says Gheorghe Manolache, a student in the 11th grade at Miron Costin High School in Miron Costin, Florești

The participation of the teams from the Republic of Moldova became possible due to the fact that the students studied the optional subject “Design and development of mobile applications”, developed within the project “Tekwill in Every School” and approved by the Ministry of Education and Research in 2020.

“The aim of the “Tekwill in Every School” project was from the very beginning to identify and promote the development of digital and creative skills among students so that they are better prepared for the professions of the future. Achieving international results, we are extremely proud of the courage of our students to test their skills and take advantage of all the opportunities and benefits that international technologies offer. We are glad that locally organised initiatives such as “Tekwill Junior Ambassadors” have motivated them to test their skills beyond the borders of the country” – says Tatiana Alexeev, Project Manager “Tekwill in Every School”.

This year, about 100 teams from 20 countries, including 3 from the Republic of Moldova, participated in the competition “The 12th e-ICON World Contest”. 

The team’s participation in the international competition was possible thanks to the study of future professions in the project “Tekwill in Every School” implemented in partnership with the Ministry of Education and Research and with the support of external development partners Usaid Moldova, Government of Sweden, EU4Moldova, UNDP Moldova. 


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