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Call for Experts: Ecosystem Building, Startup Support, and International Market Connection

Startup Moldova and ATIC are launching an Expert call: to build the ecosystem capacity, support disruptive startups, connect them to international markets, and create seed funding opportunities.

We are looking for mentors and experts from different areas and with different domains of expertise to partner with our team to Boost non-tech industries assimilation of technological innovation and support cross-industry collaboration based on vertical synergies such as FinTech, WineTech, AgTech, MedTech, Lifestyle, Data sciences, IoT, e-Commerce, to develop a matching system of connections between startups and other startups, experts and investors and ensure a startup club to exchange experiences and contacts with International exposure. Also, to:

  • Provide funding towards entrepreneurs who innovate to support local businesses
  • Provide funding towards entrepreneurs that develop ideas with global potential
  • Provide funding opportunities for cross industry collaboration activities.

This mentorship program is an opportunity for the personal and professional development of upcoming leaders in the field of culture. It aims at promoting mentorship as a way of lifelong learning, knowledge, and experience exchange between an established professional – the mentor, and an emerging professional – the mentee.

By participating in this programme as a mentor you are offering support to the personal and professional development of young professionals in the field of culture from various parts of Moldova.

Mentors will also be required to:

  • Provide entrepreneurial education 
  • Provide digital literacy and entrepreneurial education for non IT 
  • Digital transformation for non Its
  • Bring in real-life problems into entrepreneurial education.

For additional information on the eligible and non-eligible expenses, application process and Project Application Documentation, please access the Digital IMPACT: Innovation Challenge Awards Manual. See manual.

The Awarding will be conducted through an open selection procedure in two stages (Pre-application and Full Application). The selection process is designed according to the principles of merit, transparency, equality and rational use of funds, by launching at least two calls, one each year.

The applications should be submitted at the following link until November 19:

Contact person: Irina Covriga, Entrepreneurship Support Manager, Startup Moldova and Cristina Bocsanean, Project Assistant, Startup Moldova, .


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