Tekwill brings prestige and influences the tech sector, the host university (UTM), and to Moldova by directly contributing to the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In addition, Tekwill aims to improve the skills needed within the IT sector, thereby creating high quality and well-paid jobs, and deterring the emigration of talented young people. By enabling the tech sector to continue to grow, Tekwill encourages local startups and existing companies to expand and attract international IT companies to invest in Moldova.

Tekwill is created with the support of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and the Government of Sweden through Sida/Swedish International Development Agency in the framework of the project “Development of Moldova ICT Excellence Center” implemented by Moldovan Association of ICT Companies (ATIC) in partnership with Technical University of Moldova.

Tekwill is a “crossroad”, where people, community, ideas, resources, science, and industry meet to identify, facilitate, and enhance excellence in information technology. Driving the Moldovan ecosystem, as a leading connecter and networking facilitator, organizing and supporting local and regional tech-related events.

This project contributes to the economic development of Moldova by providing:

•         World-class education and training facilities, with up-to-date curricula, lecturers and laboratories;

•         Associated business development assistance;

•         Relevant research and development capabilities

About Tekwill Balti:

Is a subproject of the Tekwill Project meant to support the development of the network of Tekwill centers throughout the country, by developing educational and entrepreneurial content according to Tekwill regulations, according to local specifics, to raise the region economically by promoting public-private partnerships between the private sector, academia, citizens, etc.

Tekwill Balti will aim to cover with programs the North region and will be located on the buildings of Balti Alecu Russo State University. The physical location in Balti is already in process of development via ADR Nord, USARB and other partners, and will be located within USARB premises.

There are approx. 100 IT students at the university, and another approx. 200 for connecting industries (engineering). There is a strong Polytechnic College and professional school in Balti, that ATIC has worked before potentially covering the North region.

Taking into consideration the existing university programs, besides the production industries, the focus may be also put on arts and creativity, since there are already min 800 students per year trained in arts field. It is important to use the existing human capital, build the local team and ensure the sustainability of the Center as part of the network. Since it is the North node of Moldova, the Center in Balti will cover the whole North region.

The deployment of programs and content in partnership with the main stakeholders in the region, as well as creation of industry required digital content may lead to a big shift in education in the region. The support of converging tech startups and building the culture there will serve as an enabler for the whole regional economic growth.

We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Local STEM Manager (Tekwill Balti) to join our team.

The main role of the Local STEM Manager (Tekwill Balti) will be implementation of the Tekwill programs in Balti and in the North of Moldova, in coordination with the Tekwill Chisinau Center (head office), he/her will focus primarily on planning, organizing, and successfully executing a thoughtful, inclusive, and vibrant implementation of Tekwill programs in the region (Tekwill Academy, Startup Academy, Tekwill Academy Kids, Tekwill in Every School, etc).

General Responsibilities:

•         Develop annual regional implementation plans in compliance with the Tekwill Project’s Scope of Work and with the coordination with the Senior Project Coordinator;

•         Plan and schedule the implementation of education activities approved in the annual implementation plans, including but not limited to, enumerating rosters of necessary experts, identifying subcontractor mechanisms to accomplish goals, anticipating events and other necessary means of sharing information and knowledge, and gaining the approval of the Senior Project Coordinator and donors regarding such plans and schedules;

•         Report on Educational Programs development activities in accordance with the formal reporting requirements of the Project;

•         Implement the strategic and long-term direction of the project;

•         Coordinate and communicate with the relevant local level authorities to integrate educational programs into the official curricula;

•         Maintain close communication with all local partners, stakeholders, and beneficiaries.

Specific Responsibilities:

•         Implementation of the project activities aimed at development of IT education in the region, including but not limited to educational programs, activities, practical work projects in accordance with market needs;

•         Supervise, monitor, and manage implementation of programs planned, scheduled, and approved, including, but not limited to, drafting of scopes of work, drafting of terms of reference, guiding, and directing the work of consultants, implementing partners and volunteers, managing implementation so that it proceeds smoothly and according to schedule related to the regional context;

•         Report regularly to the Senior Project Coordinator and to the Regional Development Manager regarding decisions to be made, activities undertaken, and progress;

•         Coordinate with other team members to make sure messaging is appropriate, professional, effective, and executed in accordance with the Project Scope and USAID/Sweden guidelines, and with project needs for continual knowledge and information sharing.



Master’s degree in one of the following fields (or related to): Business, Economics, IT or Management, and other fields that are relevant to managing a large educational project.


At least five years of professional experience. At least three years of managerial experience, experience of working with educational projects and/or knowledge is an advantage.

Language Skills:

              Excellent oral and written communication skills. Fluency (including reading, writing and speaking) in  Romanian/Russian and English is required.

Computer Skills:

              Working knowledge of internet, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook) and collaborative platforms.

Personal Skills:

•         High communication skills and proactivity;

•         Result oriented, fast learning and open for new challenges;

•         Ability to work in a fast-paced and multicultural environment, both in a team and independently;

•         Mature and positive attitude, with strong sense of quality. 


The Local STEM Manager will report to the Senior Project Coordinator and to the Regional Development Manager. As teamwork is crucial to the success of the project, the Local STEM Manager will also align and coordinate work with the local (Balti) team and other staff, as per direction from the Senior Project Coordinator.

Place of performance:

The Local STEM Manager will perform his/her duties in Balti, Republic of Moldova.

Period of performance:

The assignment will begin on/about June 2021-June 2022.

Application process:

Interested candidates shall submit CV and motivation letter, in English, by October 30, 2021 to and The subject of the email will include the following information: Name/Surname/ Local STEM Manager Tekwill ICTEC Balti”.